2020 Music Preview!

Tame Impala – After the release of new singles, “It Might Be Time”, “Borderline”, and “Posthumous Forgiveness” Tame Impala fans are prepared for this long-awaited album.

Justin Bieber Not only is the pop star releasing a new album but also starting a tour, and dropping a docu-series on his life the past couple of years. Let’s hope his new music can live up to the masterpiece that is his 2015 album, Purpose.

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Zedd – The EDM producer and hit maker recently addressed new music by answering a tweet from a fan. The message read, “it’s been 5 years since your last album Zedd please stop playing”. He simply replied saying, “2020”.

Sam Smith – This crooner sure had some major highs in 2019, starting with owning their sexuality and embracing their own femininity. “Dancing With A Stranger” and “How Do You Sleep?” showed Smith’s strong pop/dance side. Something we’re bound to hear more of in 2020.

Rihanna – This is a huge question mark because the queen herself won’t even tell us when the album is coming. But we can hope and pray it’ll be in our ears this year.

Normani – After a massive 2019, fans are ready for the solo album by the ex- Fifth Harmony member. She’s disclosed the album will be 14 tracks and “very dynamic.”

Demi Lovato – The pop singer has been teasing new music via social media giving fans quick glimpses of her in the studio. And after her recent breakup, a new song is surely to hit the airwaves soon…

Dua Lipa – “Don’t Start Now” catapulted Dua back onto the pop charts this year. Not to mention showed off a new retro pop sound we haven’t heard much of since the 70’s. The album is appropriately titled, Future Nostalgia.

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Halsey – With a busy 2019, it’s hard to believe there’s more to come from Halsey, but there is. Her new album, Manic will be released January 17th and will feature hit singles “Graveyard”, and “Without Me”

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Russ – After the surprising success of his saucy single “BEST ON EARTH”, Russ is focused on a new album titled, Shake The Snow Globe, coming out January 31st. He’s also headlining a North American tour starting in May.

Hayley Williams – The Paramore front-woman recently announced in a birthday social media post that she’ll be releasing solo music in January of 2020. As Paramore fans know, the band has been through many ups and downs in the past decade, with Ms. Williams always landing on her feet. I couldn’t be more excited to hear what she has to say.

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The 1975 – After pushing back the release date for this new project, The 1975 fans can hopefully listen to Notes On A Conditional Form on February 21st. If not, then Matty Healy is probably just making more finishing touches to perfect what you’re about to hear.

The Top 2019 Albums!

2019 was an incredible year for music and especially WOMEN in music. Here are some of my favorite albums of 2019 (in no particular order).

thank you, next – Ariana Grande (February 8)

This year would’ve been nothing without this album… Not only did it spark an inspirational slogan for women fed up everywhere BUT gave Ariana Grande fans an even closer glimpse into Ari’s year of healing. Standout tracks: “NASA”, “needy”, “ghostin”, and “imagine”


Good At Falling – The Japanese House (March 1)

This album flew under the radar and I’m writing about it to hopefully bring it back to the people who might’ve missed it the first time. As always, The Japanese House have a sound similar to The 1975 with more alt-pop energy. Good At Falling is a huge emotional album pulling so many fan-favorites to the surface. Standout tracks: “Maybe You’re The Reason”, “We Talk All The Time”, “Lilo”, and “Worms”


Anonymous – Blackbear (April 26)

As usual…I’m singing Blackbear’s praises yet again. Another album that combines so much of Bear’s always captivating and melodic sounds. With 18 tracks, the album is bound to please any person who hits play. Standout tracks: “SICK OF IT ALL”, “CHANGES”, “LOSING YOU”, and “BURNT AF”


Heard It In A Past Life – Maggie Rogers (January 18)

Everything about this album is magical from start to finish which is why the Maryland-native was just nominated for a 2020 Grammy (Best New Artist). Exploring love, loss, and fame is all exposed on this album in the most beautiful ways. Standout tracks: “Overnight”, “Say It”, “Retrograde”, and “Burning”


Happiness Begins – The Jonas Brothers (June 7)

2019 was the return of our favorite boy band. I was thoroughly impressed with how well done this album was. You can tell they took the time to really curate something that is so uniquely them and I can’t wait to hear what comes next. Standout tracks: “Used To It”, “Don’t Throw It Away”, “Comeback”, and “I Believe”

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Cuz I Love You – Lizzo (April 19)

Lizzo was everywhere this year from powerful quotes to fun music videos and an immense amount of praise from critics everywhere. Cuz I Love You is a massive soul album that will go down as one of the best vocal compositions in history. Standout tracks: “Juice”, “Jerome”, “Truth Hurts”, and “Cuz I Love You”


Don’t Feed The Pop Monster – Broods (February 1)

Broods is another band that often flies under the radar… but not mine! This album was so different from their previous albums. Obviously featuring more pop sounds along with even more lyrical diversity. Standout tracks: “Sucker”, “Too Proud”, “Life After”, and “Everything Goes (Wow)”


III – Banks (July 12)

Banks is known for always keeping her music personal and raw, and this album is no different. Through intricate productions and wildly eclectic stories, Banks proves her staying power in the music industry. Standout tracks: “Sawzall”, “Hawaiian Mazes”, “What About Love”, and “Contaminated”


Lover – Taylor Swift (August 23)

As a late contender to my 2019 list, Lover is indeed one of my favorite albums by Ms. Swift. Through the neverending industry drama, she somehow broke her own mold and made an album that feels entirely her. Standout tracks: “Death By A Thousand Cuts, “Cruel Summer”, “Cornelia Street”, and “Lover”


Everyday Life – Coldplay (November 22)

Coldplay never ceases to amaze me in so many ways. As a band that’s been together for as long as they have, it’s hard to believe Coldplay can still make such compelling albums. But the truth is, Coldplay never runs out of inspiration. Their motto goes beyond love stories and breakups – it’s the human experience, which is exactly what Everyday Life conveys. Standout tracks: “Church”, “Everyday Life”, “Champion of The World”, and “Daddy”


When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? – Billie Eilish (March 29)

I’ll always be a fan of Billie. Her sound is timeless in such a modern way. While she stays on-trend, she’s somehow always sticking out. Honest and rule-breaking is how I’d describe this revolutionary album. Standout tracks: “xanny”, “ilomo”, “i love you”, and “bad guy”


Charli – Charli XCX (September 13)

Calling this album “pop” is a fierce understatement. Through futuristic cyborg beats and laser hard vocals, Charli takes “pop” to a galactic level that cannot be reached by other artists. Standout tracks: “Gone”, “Next Level Charli”, “Thoughts”, and “White Mercedes”


Romance – Camila Cabello (December 6)

Now that Camila is established and prepared for success, she’s able to feel more comfortable in being vulnerable with the music she creates. Romance provides a variety of curated themes on one album with perfected vocals to style them effortlessly. Standout tracks: “Easy”, “Dream of You”, “Living Proof”, and “First Man”.

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Fine Line – Harry Styles (December 13)

Styles was born to be a solo artist and Fine Line proves that once again, Harry Styles is filled to the core with musical inspiration far beyond his years. His continued musical success proves his name will be with fans until they are much older and can still find solace in his music. Standout tracks: “Golden”, “Cherry”, “Falling”, and “Treat People With Kindness”

Who Is Nasty Cherry?

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“You know when you have a friend, and you know they’d be super into this other friend you have but they don’t know each other so you make the connection? It was like that,” is how Charli XCX describes the formation of Nasty Cherry. Yes, you heard that correct, pop superstar Charli XCX is the mastermind behind your new favorite pop/punk girl group, Nasty Cherry.

Nasty Cherry is Chloe Chaidez (guitar), Debbie Knox-Hewsom (drums), Gabbriette Bechtel (vocals), and Georgia Somary (bass). All of the girls know Charli but not eachother. If you haven’t checked out their Netflix show yet, I highly recommend it. If you love rise to fame stories that are fun and female-empowering, go watch! Fans get a heavy glimpse into what it’s like to create and curate a band (and brand) that is successful and honest. Through a haze of vape pens and smeared eyeliner, the four women start living and creating music together, personalities come out and tensions start to rise.

Through the ups and downs, Nasty Cherry is finally formed and are already hitting their stride. Hit single, “Win” is Nasty Cherry to its core. A spunky pop-punk anthem declaring ones desire to always be on top. Gabbi’s stellar alto vocals are deep and desirable as ever as they glide over an alluring bass line. The lyrics are retro and as rebellious as possible; “I’m such a psycho, got violent eyes, I’ll make it rain down, electric skies, I tell you secrets, I tell you lies.”

Watch the spunky video:

The band recently released their first EP titled, Season 1 featuring the edgy, “Music With Your Dad”, the euphoric “Live Forever” and of course, my favorite, “Win”. I can’t wait to hear more from these girls in the future.

Listen here: