The 1975’s New Single, “People”

Leading their new era, The 1975’s upcoming album, Notes On A Conditional Form is set to release any day now. “People” is a loud and brisk introduction to a new album filled with themes of mental health, home, and domesticity, according to bandleader Matt Healy himself.

“People” might be one of their most emo songs to date, taking a page out of the 90’s punk era. Healy screeches his voice to let out an important message; “People like people, they want alive people, the young surprise people, stop f*****g with the people”. Through screeching guitars and an overblown microphone, Healy urges people to act on issues to promote real change in the world.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard strong statements from the Manchester-based rock band (listen to “I Like America and America Likes Me” or “Love It If We Made It”) The band has somehow kept rock alive over the past several years by being themselves and staying current in pop culture – something most bands can’t accomplish in a smart way.

Listen below to dive into the passionate and activist minds of The 1975:

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