Who You Need: Doja Cat


Image via hypebeast.com

WHO: Doja Cat

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA


TOP SONGS: “Go To Town”, “Juicy”, and “MOOO!”

Doja Cat’s 2014 release, titled Purrr! was a subtle introduction to who Doja is…but not at her full potential. The five tracks are softer with a more dreamy R&B flare. But on her latest debut album Amala (her birthname), we hear the real Doja. Flooded with a suave blend of R&B and hip-hop backbeats, this album is nothing but straight fire. Not only are her rhythm’s catchy, but her lyrics are next level genius and even comedic at times. Songs like “Wine Pon You”, “Wild Beach”, and “Morning Light” are softer with more of a Kehlani feel to them. While “Candy” “Down Low” “Juicy” and “Tia Tamera” are hip-hop infused with massive hip-hop beats and wild lyrics. Doja recently dropped the video for her single “Juicy” but this time Tyga lends a hand on a quick verse. Check out the fruity video below:

In a recent interview with ENFNTS Terribles, the 23-year-old shed light on her debut album and the concepts behind it. “The album isn’t so much of a conceptual piece. It’s more of a compilation and I think it shows more of my versatility as an artist. The thing about the album is that I’ve written so many songs on that album that are from years and years ago. And there are some songs on it that were totally new, so the album consists of three phases in my life.”

Doja’s unique rhythm is unmatched and so advanced for someone new-ish to the industry. With over 2,000,000 monthly listeners, this California native is bound to catapult into major success going forward with her music career. Not only does Amala prove her diversity but her unique artistry as well. Doja refuses to put female entertainers in a box – she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants to.

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