Broods Release “Don’t Feed The Pop Monster”

Broods Release “Don’t Feed The Pop Monster”

The brother-sister duo Broods have been on my radar for years… They had me hooked with 2014’s “Bridges” and then again on 2016’s “We Had Everything”. But once “Peach” was released in 2018, I knew this era of Broods would be different from what I’ve heard in the past. After being dropped by Capitol Records, the release of Don’t Feed The Pop Monster feels a bit like an FU to anyone who tore Broods down over the past couple of years.

Lead singer, Georgia Nott shed some light on this new chapter, “Our goal was to make songs that are true to us, without hiding behind any kind of façade…we worked really hard and went through a thousand different emotions in the process. The fact that we can feel so many different emotions and still make something that’s so true to us—to me that’s the most important part of this whole experience and we’re so excited to finally share this album with the world.”

Monster kicks off with the electric “Sucker”. Georgia’s wispy voice lulls you into a gorgeous alt-pop dream. Similar to an anthem we’d hear from singer Robyn , the lyrics repeat, “I’m such a sucker for everything.” Georgia references not being able to keep up with trends and what’s cool, singing, “I’ll always go back to the same old things, my Stevie and Sting.” “Sucker” is the perfect introduction to the changes about to come on the rest of this album.

“Falling Apart” sticks out with a captivating electronic sound paired with muffled vocals in all the right places. A slower back beat carries “Apart” as one of the slowest on the album while still able to keep you hooked into Broods’ ultimate musical trance. “Dust” feels like it could’ve been a Fleetwood Mac B-Side in 2019 with subtle repetitive guitars, a steady drum beat, and floating vocals (a la Stevie Nicks).

One of the most powerful tracks on the album is “Too Proud”. Caleb takes his spot as lead on this one, proving his singing ability is just as impressive as sister Georgia. “Proud” discusses depression and being too proud to express your true emotions. He sings with a punch, “Too many times that I’ve been too proud to let it out, when I feel it’s too much to handle.” Caleb said he wrote the song while experiencing depression between albums; “Last year, there was a period of time where there wasn’t anything going on, and I was just like, ‘F**k – what am I doing, why am I here? I just got really deep in my own hole. I didn’t even notice until I came out of it. That’s when I wrote it, when I was actually happier. Once you sit back and go, ‘oh, shit’, that was when I was able to reflect on how I was feeling.” Broods released the music video for “Too Proud” featuring a harrowing look into life with depression; “‘Too Proud’ is for everyone who has ever felt that stigma that mental health struggles are shameful. It’s NOT shameful… If you can relate to the feelings conveyed in this video & song please take care of yourself and don’t hesitate to reach out to someone who can help.”

This review is already way longer than I wanted it to be but I can’t help it…there are so many beautiful things to say about this album. Don’t Feed The Pop Monster ends on a euphoric note with the lullaby-esque “Life After”.

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Female Artists Taking Over In 2019!

Female Artists Taking Over In 2019!

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Julia Michaels: The alt-pop singer/songwriter plans to release a new EP titled Inner Monologue Pt 1 on Jan 25th. Michaels says, “Couldn’t be more nervous if I tried. But here’s a piece of my mind and my heart.” The 5-song EP also includes features with Selena Gomez and ex-1D member Niall Horan. Monologue might be her most personal music to date.

Lennon Stella: After a stellar (get it?) 2018, this 19 year old is ready to hijack the pop scene. Her debut EP Love, Me exploded in the hearts of fans everywhere. Detailing a heartbreaking relationship and the ups and downs of love, Stella proves age is indeed just a number. Poise beyond her years, this Canadian native has a unique soft and comfy rhythm mixed with poetic lyrics. The singer has been teasing new music for a couple months and fans are salivating for more.

Ariana Grande: An explosive single like “thank you next” will go down in history as that bad ass bitch song we all remember the words to. Grande has been creating her next album since last fall and it will be nothing short of incredible. While answering fan questions on Twitter, the singer said there will be no features and a third single released before the album is dropped. “two albums in six months huh. that’s deep. love u. talk soon.”

Maggie Rogers: I consider Rogers the underdog these days. We were all like “oh ‘Alaska’ cute song Maggie.” Then she released “Give A Little” and we were like “okay Mags this is a fun one.” Then she released her full length debut album Heard It In A Past Life and we were like “okay WOW Maggie Rogers you have both crushed and hugged my soul all in one sitting.” This is an INSANELY epic debut album. It’s eclectic, fun, pretty, and so much more. “Say It”, “Burning”, and “Overnight” stand out among the rest. 2019 will be Maggie’s year.

Carly Rae Jepsen: Listen to Jepsen’s latest single, “Party for One” and tell me you’re not a fan… a fun pop anthem about being single? We’re all here for it. The pop singer has been promising new music for a while now and 2019 is her year to shine. Let’s pray for more dance-y pop vibes!

Miley Cyrus: It’s safe to say the Mark Ronson-assisted “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” has fans drooling for more new Miley music. “Heart” feels new and real, a style we can get used to from the usually scandalous and unpredictable artist. The Tennessee born singer is ready for a thrilling new year in the spotlight (with a cute new hubby by her side).

Rihanna: Let’s hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying I think we’re getting a new Rihanna album this year… The singer has been tight lipped about too many details but sources say she’s been in the studio for a while cooking up TONS of new tunes. 2019 marks 3 years since the unique and bar-raising Anti; an album that paved the way for other pop stars to break down and branch out (listen to “Same Old Mistakes” and “Love On the Brain”). Cheers to Rihanna’s comeback, I hope we declare it a national holiday.


Cautious Clay’s “Reasons”

Cautious Clay’s “Reasons”

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“Reasons” feels different from any other Cautious Clay song. It’s lined with exuberant hip-hop elements; starting with a deep guitar riff then swiftly back into a rhythmic beat. Keeping his harmonic background vocals and soaring alto notes as he croons about making mistakes, changes, and being honest.

“I did it all for the no, I did it all for the no good reasons, I said it all for the need, I always knew you would change like seasons” Clay preaches on the chorus. “Reasons” is edgy and urgent, unlike the slower yet philosophical themes of Clay’s previous work.

The Brooklyn-native is working on an EP to be released early next year.

Listen to “Reasons” here:



Billie Eilish Releases Inspirational New Single “come out and play”

The Los Angeles native is mostly known for her broody lyrics and dark themed songs (listen to “when the party’s over” or “idontwannabeyouanymore“) but her latest release feels much different.

Apple came to the singer and her brother, artist/songwriter, Finneas, to write a song for their new holiday campaign called “Share Your Gifts”. “Billie and I got sent an incredibly early version of this commercial when they were still putting it together and we wrote this song while watching it. Beyond honored to be a part of this wonderful piece” said Finneas.

“come out and play” is a gorgeous acoustic ballad prompting those of a shy nature to get out and share your gifts and talents with the rest of the world. Billie Eilish opened up to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 more in-depth about the new song. “It was very different because we had never written a song about empowering yourself. Your talent and what you love is a gift to you… If it’s something you enjoy, share it. It’s very Christmassy and cute.”

Listen and watch below: