Cautious Clay’s “Reasons”

Cautious Clay’s “Reasons”

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“Reasons” feels different from any other Cautious Clay song. It’s lined with exuberant hip-hop elements; starting with a deep guitar riff then swiftly back into a rhythmic beat. Keeping his harmonic background vocals and soaring alto notes as he croons about making mistakes, changes, and being honest.

“I did it all for the no, I did it all for the no good reasons, I said it all for the need, I always knew you would change like seasons” Clay preaches on the chorus. “Reasons” is edgy and urgent, unlike the slower yet philosophical themes of Clay’s previous work.

The Brooklyn-native is working on an EP to be released early next year.

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Billie Eilish Releases Inspirational New Single “come out and play”

The Los Angeles native is mostly known for her broody lyrics and dark themed songs (listen to “when the party’s over” or “idontwannabeyouanymore“) but her latest release feels much different.

Apple came to the singer and her brother, artist/songwriter, Finneas, to write a song for their new holiday campaign called “Share Your Gifts”. “Billie and I got sent an incredibly early version of this commercial when they were still putting it together and we wrote this song while watching it. Beyond honored to be a part of this wonderful piece” said Finneas.

“come out and play” is a gorgeous acoustic ballad prompting those of a shy nature to get out and share your gifts and talents with the rest of the world. Billie Eilish opened up to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 more in-depth about the new song. “It was very different because we had never written a song about empowering yourself. Your talent and what you love is a gift to you… If it’s something you enjoy, share it. It’s very Christmassy and cute.”

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On Repeat: “Savior” – Elley Duhé

On Repeat: “Savior” – Elley Duhé

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After the success of her collaboration with EDM producer/DJ Zedd (“Happy Now”), this Alabama native continues to shows off her vocal prowess on a bonus track off her album, Dragon Mentality.

“In the dead of the night, in the heart of my chest, you hide” Duhé sings in a raspy punchy pitch. “Savior” has a heavy melodic sound to it. Hip-hop-esque backbeats and diverse vocal runs make this song as powerful musically as it is lyrically.

Poetic lyrics shed light on the meaning of saviors. Duhé spoke about the song saying, “Savior is a song about the bonds that keep us together – we save each other every day… when we can help each other we must, when we can love each other we must, we will save us in the end.”

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Who You Need: Petit Biscuit

Who You Need: Petit Biscuit

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WHO: Mehdi Benjelloun (Petit Biscuit)

WHERE: Rouen, France

GENRE: Tropical House

TOP SONGS: “Sunset Lover” and “Problems”

Think of a sunset, a hot shower, a cloudy fall night, a hug from your love; THAT’S Petit Biscuit. All the feels, all the love, all the coziness, and all the beauty in the world, crushed up into a musical creation you’ll never forget.

His latest singles, “Suffer” and “Safe” bring more of a pop/EDM sound to his core house elements. Singer/songwriter Skott is featured on “Suffer” singing about the joy and happiness in being alone; “I’m hanging on my own, my own, I’m going out for dinner, having whiskey on my own, I’m hanging out alone, alone.” Electric laser beams and sirens pierce through the lyrics on this track giving the melody an extra boost.

Biscuit shed some light on the making of this song; “One of my initial recordings made it into the track, that siren sounding shout at the beginning. That’s in part why it’s called ‘Suffer’, composing it helped me get over some painful moments.”

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Top Songs from “A Star Is Born”

Top Songs from “A Star Is Born”

Although this film is riddled with insanely beautiful melodies, hooks, and duets, there are a couple songs that really hit me the most. I may be biased since I’m an OG little monster at heart (where my Gaga fans at?)

We can all agree Lady Gaga is one of the best vocalists of our generation, not only proving her vocal chops but her acting skills are superb beyond belief. Truly born a star. While B Coop shocked us all by embodying the cliche drunk country singer we’ve all seen before. The country-rock theme bouncing out of him seemed natural and real. It felt as though this music wasn’t compiled for a movie soundtrack but instead already existed. I think that means a job well done…