Miley & Malibu


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“Now I’m as free as birds catching the wind,” is the perfect sentiment to kick off the new Miley Cyrus. Her first pop single in quite some time shows us something different, something real.

“Malibu” sets the tone for what hopefully is to come. It fits into the emotional side we heard on 2013’s Bangerz (“Adore You” “Drive”), while taking on a new hearty/Americana pop sound anyone can sing and bop their head to. A fresh-faced Miley shows off her songwriting and singing skills we knew she had there all along.

One look at the music video and everything clicks; she frolics along a beach, arms outstretched to the world, smiling at the camera. She’s happy and she’s in love. There’s a sense of rebirth in the freedom of the video. Fans are saying “Malibu” is peaceful, uplifting, and beautiful.

I can’t wait to hear what’s next. I hope this Miley is here to stay.









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