Harry Styles Wows On “Sweet Creature”


Image via talkymusic.it


“Sweet Creature” is going to be one of those songs that serves as a hidden gem in Harry Styles’ discography years and years from now. Fans will say “Oh, I remember this one. It’s one of my favorites.” I will be among those fans. Styles’ shift from boy band to solo man has been fascinating to watch. He’s adapted to a new sound that accentuates every part of him like we’ve never seen/heard before.

If “Sign of the Times” was a proclamation, this is a handwritten letter dripping in perfume and sealed with a red kiss. Accompanied by just a guitar and backing vocals, “Creature” still feels so full, even boisterous. “Sweet creature, sweet creature, wherever I go, you bring me home.” A love story we’ve heard many times before; “We don’t know where we’re going, but we know where we belong.” Folk chords pluck against Styles’ roller coaster notes for almost a full four minutes.

Referring to love as a “creature” only further defines love as sometimes good and sometimes bad. A genius reference only a poet could make work. People will soon realize, this is who Harry Styles really is. If Hozier and Mumford and Sons had a baby, it would be the new Harry we’re seeing today. Confident in his sound; making music for the soul, not for the banks.

Styles’ solo debut album comes out May 12.


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