Blume Gets It Right

Michael Blume is a pure sensation. His debut EP When I Get It Right is a rose in a world full of thorns. Piano medleys, clear-cut harmonies, and impeccable musical composition are drizzled and dripping off each song.


Blume has a new renaissance way about him. Preaching about love, almost always swaying in a shift dress/robe-like get-up with his hair somewhat tied in a knot on his head. He has a “no f***s given” attitude that makes him extremely likable. His lyrics can be poetic at times and honestly harsh at others.

Opening song, “Relationships” is a modern day “Confessions” focusing on the importance of relationships to a spunky R&B backbeat. “I swear I’m kind, I swear I’m real, I’m not the kind who’s tryin to steal.” Blume’s specialty is keeping it real. He speaks his mind, but does it in a way that makes you wanna clap your hands in acknowledgement. “Relationships” is an important song to listen to. It revives old-school R&B that we should be praising; long verses paired with skip-beats that make you catch your breath.


“How High” is a stained glass church. You kneel down and Blume’s harmonies saturate your soul, while an organ highlights some of the best moments of your life. The first two and a half minutes make you feel at ease, then he spits a couple raps while the backup vocals keep it cool. The transitions are seamless in classic R&B fashion; Blume keeps it captivating.

“Manufactured Love” is his biggest hit, defining the album as a whole. Blume tells, “The song introduces a basic concept of myself and my attitude about music and love: trusting the process, knowing that your path is there for you, holding onto your faith in yourself despite any and all outside noise.” Michael Blume is a modern-day guru we all need to believe in.


Music Mondays: “Home Alone”


Key Item: Super destroyed jeans

Color Concepts: Neutrals

Shoe Situation: Brown suede chelsea boot



You might know him as the adorably lovable Augustus in the movie adaptation of “The Fault In Our Stars,” but what most people don’t know about Ansel Elgort is that he is also a mega-talented singer/musician/producer. Elgort has used his Instagram to show off his skills to his fans. His first single is called, “Home Alone” a pop driven tune that utilizes his DJ skills for a tinge of EDM throughout. He told Yahoo! Music, “Originally, it was going to be over a dance record, but that didn’t feel right…So I thought, maybe I can just do production for it so that it makes it electronic and emotional.” The lyrics are pure poetry as Ansel’s voice glides effortlessly on every word. The critic’s agree that “Home Alone” is your new song of the summer.

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Single Review: “Cruel (feat. ZAYN)”

There’s no doubt Zayn Malik has made a name for himself in the pop scene as we heard with his explosive single “Pillowtalk”. But this time, he lends his vocals to Snakehips, a British electronic/R&B duo who are also responsible for the catchy anthem, “All My Friends.”


Malik’s vocal prowess is as powerful as ever. In the boppy light chorus he sings, “It’s such a cruel, world, saving all my love for you.” A balance between electro-pop and R&B is right where he fits perfectly. Snakehips keep their sound fresh and new age along with their energetic clap beats, as we hear on this one.

Fellow pop singer, Troye Sivan tweeted about his love for the new song saying, “alright Cruel by ft has one of the best choruses of 2016.” I AGREE. Snakehips should be plaguing radio stations with this one

The lyrics are electric modern love. Even with all the madness happening in the world, he can’t help but be bothered with her presence, it’s quite beautiful actually. “Noise and tears, death on the TV, and then there’s you…I can’t concentrate, I just see your outline.” Later on, he refers to her body as “CCTV” (closed circuit television/surveillance footage) replaying in his head. Although the lyrics are quite mature, the chorus has a child-like quality that is easy to sing-along to and mimic.