Music Video Roundup!

1.) “Into You” – Ariana Grande

I’m sure you’re already aware of my Ariana obsession and this video is everything I wanted for this song. Neon romantic passion at a cliché motel (appropriately titled Honeymoon Inn.) Grande seductively whips her hair around a desert in short shorts while a beautiful storyline takes flight. Bike rides, lots of kissing, and pink hued sunsets make this video one of her best to date.


2.) “Raging” and “I’m In Love” – Kygo

Kygo recently released a two-part storyline for his two songs, “Raging” and “I’m In Love.” It shows a couple on an adventurous journey, not only physically, but mentally. In “Raging” they seem to lose eachother and can’t find their way back until the end. “I’m In Love” has a simple message that the couple illustrates through subtle movement throughout what looks to be different backdrops in Paris, France. Kygo pulls at your inner emotion through not only his music but his vision for his music.


3.) “Can’t Stop the Feeling” – Justin Timberlake

JT brings us our next summer jam showcasing every walk of life getting down to his new song. Waitresses, barbers, salesmen, truckers, grocery store workers…etc. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is exactly that, a good feeling you just can’t stop. The truth is, Justin Timberlake can do NO WRONG.


4.) “Send My Love ( To Your New Lover)” – Adele

Adele gets artsy in this one. The singer looks glorious in a floral Dolce & Gabbana gown with wispy pieces of hair lining her rosy cheeks as she dances and moves around to the bouncy track. The video layers dancing Adele’s on top of more dancing Adele’s producing a repetitive hypnotizing look, something we don’t often see from the singer.



Ariana Grande: Armed & Dangerous


“Something bout you, makes me feel like a dangerous woman,” are the words slithering out of Ariana Grande’s plump pink coated lips. Her third album titled Dangerous Woman branches away from her past musical endeavors as Ms. Grande is now a full grown woman, although she remains at a tiny 5′ 0″ tall with a net worth of $25 million.

Grande has been doing pop right since day one; catchy lyrics, a hop on the EDM wagon, pop synths for days, and flawless harmonies. Dangerous Woman is a lethal album, torching every other pop sound in the way. With the help of musical God Max Martin, who’s worked with almost every pop artist in the game (Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc),  Grande’s album is destined for success.

Add guest artists like Lil Wayne, Future, Nicki Minaj, and Macy Gray, and the album becomes a show of who can Ariana NOT sound good with. She pushes her musical limits mixing more dance/hip-hop/r&b elements than we’ve heard from the singer before. She also keeps her vocal runs we so desperately crave i.e. “Dangerous Woman,” “Be Alright,” and “Greedy.”

Not only is the album a slice of musical heaven, but the advertising behind it was brilliant in every way. Ariana had originally planned on calling her album Moonlight, then decided to change the name to Dangerous Woman, highlighting the changes she’s gone through over the past year. After posting pictures and quotes of dangerous women in history to motivate, fans became more excited for the album. Her style shifted to more of an edgy vibe; something that suits her well. The cover artwork for Dangerous Woman is Grande in a black latex cat face mask, showing a sexier side of the singer.


It’s very easy to put Grande in a category with every other pop star, but we shouldn’t. Woman is proof of her own sound; romantic pop. Each song takes you on a gorgeous journey through love and relationships. She swoons over her crushes, pain, and longing for real love. “Thinking Bout You” takes on the theme of loss as Grande sings, “I don’t have you here with me, but at least I have the memory.” Her voice couldn’t be more impeccable if she tried. Everything about Dangerous Woman is an addicting force in the music world.

Ariana Grande: The reincarnated pop Queen our kingdom has been longing for.



New Music Friday

Nick Jonas: “Chainsaw”

Jonas describes this as one of the “closest to his heart.” After one listen, you understand why. He croons, “Maybe I’ll just take a chainsaw to the sofa where I held your body close for so long.” This may be one of his most emotional songs to date, with a powerful chorus and sad sad lyrics. Calling “Chainsaw” a break-up anthem would be an understatement; it’s heartbreakingly beautiful. The music video speaks for itself.


One Republic: “Wherever I Go”

It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve heard new music from these boys. “Wherever I Go” is their triumphant return to the radio waves. Lead singer Ryan Tedder’s falsetto takes the front seat on the chorus as they nonchalantly mix their classic alternative sound with elements of rock/pop. Can One Republic ever NOT make a hit?


Kygo: Cloud Nine

Kygo has become a powerful name in the electronic/dance world. Mixing euphoric piano melodies with soft pulsating electronic beats, Kygo seems to be a musical magician. With a star-studded vocal line-up on the album (Parson James, John Legend, James Vincent McMorrow, Foxes, etc) each song is just as beautiful as the next. Kygo brings musicality back into the EDM world, making his songs distinguishable from other artists.


Ariana Grande: “Into You”

This song came out last Friday but I can’t help but talk about it, because I have had it on repeat for the last week. This is one of Ari’s BEST, HANDS DOWN. The beat is insanely hypnotic, the snaps are on point, and the harmonies are to DROOL for. There is no doubt that Dangerous Woman is going to SHUT DOWN the internet when it hits the web May 20. Grande has mastered the pop formula and “Into You” is the masterpiece. Listen for yourself.




Listen to: Pettros


His new EP, WILDCARD is just that; wild, sexy, and raw. With song titles like, “Rehab,” “Pray,” and “Roll w/U” it’s hard not to imagine the themes that plague this 5-song trip through experimental R&B/hip-hop. Pettros keeps a sauve nonchalant voice throughout each song, making his musical imprint a unique one.

“Rehab” becomes a soothing hymn reminiscent of a racy song you’d hear by The Weeknd. His lackadaisical pronunciations don’t hinder the song, instead, they add to the drainingly edgy sound heard throughout. Pettros sings, “I don’t wanna lie no more” as he talks about the influence of drugs. The song flows directly into the piano driven “Pray” which takes R&B and puts it in a blender with a mixture of alt/electronic sounds. He keeps his verses borderline rap with unique melodic phrasing; something not many people can do well. Most of the verses are poetic and beautiful; “Could it be so many moving pieces?”, “Is it all in my head? no.” The repeating piano melody playing throughout the song adds a contrast that you don’t often hear with R&B/Rap lyrics.


Teaming up with R&B newcomer, Blackbear, Pettros brings hip-hop to the forefront with “Paper” as he brags about gold on his chain, boats in Jamaiica, etc. Blackbear slides in on the chorus with his punchy distinct voice singing, “I got control, I got control of this paper, baby and I’m a smooth operator.” These two make you wish there was a joint album in the works.

Pettros is quickly paving his way through the R&B/hip-hop world and WILDCARD is a fierce push in the right direction.