Music Video Roundup!


A musical bomb went off and when it exploded a gazillion music videos fell to the Earth. Here’s a couple that were released recently!

1.) “Omen” by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith: Ok…you guys. I have been waiting for this song to hit the web for FOREVER. It’s everything I thought it would be and more. Hypnotizing beats and Smith’s perfected falsetto is all I need in this world. The video plays along with the current storyline Disclosure has been working on. I don’t quite understand every part of it, but it seems like different characters have different special powers and it takes place in a different country. Smith croons in the middle of a sepia toned sweaty club as dancers grind and “almost” kiss around him. We see professional dancers, slo-mo fingers combing through damp hair, and several intense pairs of hoop earrings. YAS.

2.) “All Eyes On You” by Meek Mill feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown: Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing plush mansion with Nicki Minaj sprawled out in a bodycon on the couch?!? I’m not usually a big Meek Mill fan but this song is so so good (Chris Brown’s heavy chorus helps..) The truth is, you didn’t think you liked Nicki and Meek together until you see this video. It’s almost as if they were like “Bring some cameras and hang out with us for a couple days.” Looks like the two of them send sultry glances at each other all day long, followed by flirty booty grabs here and there. Not to mention, she wears a denim bikini in the pool…DENIM.

3.) “Powerful” by Major Lazer feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley: I actually was not a fan of this song when I first listened to it on the Major Lazer album but after watching the video I really love it. Goulding is seen in a coffee shop working some magic on the coffee and silverware in front of her. Riley is seen doing the same, with some spare change on his table. Lights flicker, the TV glitches, and forks bend as the power of love takes over. Goulding begins to wreak havoc on the diner with a solemn look on her face as her perfectly beach tousled hair falls in front of her face (why does her hair always look so PERFECT?!). Definitely shows the more emotional side of Major Lazer, but still a fantastic song.

4.) “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd: Abel’s half closed eyes grace our screen as he serenades us into an 80’s pop dream we never thought we needed. The video portrays him as a crazy good karaoke contestant at a flashy bar where the people really start to feel the song… #goodvibes all around. The music video really takes a turn for the weird when an old man throws his lighter at The Weeknd, lighting him on fire, which surprisingly just makes him dance and sing even harder. COOL.

-Abbey 🙂


Music Monday’s: Honeymoon


Key Item: Floral embroidered button down

Key Materials: Simplistic Denim

Shoe Situation: All black low-top Converse

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Lana Del Rey is back and so are her melancholy tunes. Her latest single “Honeymoon” features Rey singing in her classic nonchalant fashion as a pretty string section backs her up. A song fit for a classic old-timey soundtrack during a tender loving moment between two fancy dressed lovers. The lyrics remain enchanting and focused on love and the colors surrounding it; “Our honeymoon…say you want me too, dark blue.” She later goes on to sing, “There are violets in your eyes…there are roses in between my thighs and fire that surrounds you.” This isn’t another “Summertime Sadness” and will most likely never be played on the radio but that’s what makes it so unique. Rey manages to capture the beauty of real music using her incredible voice that soars effortlessly over every single word. Only someone truly talented could get away with creating a song like this and making it perfection, and that’s her.

-Abbey 🙂

Sevyn is the luckiest number

sevyn streeter

R&B soul beauty Sevyn Streeter’s latest album Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1 features six full length songs and several interludes; a creative decision that hints at a possible Pt. 2? Streeter’s still pretty early in the game but has already collabed with some of the hottest guys in the game; Chris Brown (“Don’t Kill the Fun”), Kid Ink (“nEXT”), and B.o.B (“Shoulda Been There”). It’s no surprise this album is R&B at its finest. Streeter’s voice is airy, sweet, with a tiny hint of sass when needed.

“Don’t Kill the Fun” is a standout track on the album. Mixing some jazzy elements with hip-hop beats and a crooning verse from Chris Brown himself. It’s hard to not love this song after the first 5 seconds of hearing it. The verses are low key, vibey, and sensual. Something that the rest of the album mirrors without a hitch.

Streeter’s opening track is “Let’s Talk About It (Intro)” where she gives a truth pep talk saying, “Honestly, I really just write according to how I feel. If I experience it, I write it, and I make a song out of it and that’s what these records are. I just kinda wanna let ya’ll into the last year and a half of my life and lets talk about it.” Twenty seconds and you immediately feel cool with Sevyn, she seems like a down to Earth chick who leaves her heart in her music.

Featuring classic R&B and the allure of hard hip-hop, Streeter reels you in with every vocal heavy track. “Boomerang” is another standout song. “Boomerang, love shoulda brought your ass home, Boomerang, but I ain’t coming back no more,” Streeter sings with a ‘punch you in the face’ attitude that you can’t help but vibe to.


Sevyn Streeter is KILLING the R&B genre.

-Abbey 🙂

Music Monday’s: Waves


Key Item: Tie Dye tank top

Key Materials: Ripped Denim

Shoe Situation: All black converse

Accessory Must: Rope bracelet

Miguel’s new album Wildheart is nothing short of wild sexual references and catchy 70’s esque vibes. “Waves” is no different. “Don’t stop, I wanna ride that wave, all night…” Miguel croons through sultry muffled vocals. A clap happy drum beat makes you wanna two step and throw on some bell bottoms or skate with your boo at a roller rink. Miguel’s layered vocals add a psychedelic element that go hand in hand with the explicit lyrics. Subtlety has never been Miguel’s strong suit, he makes it very clear what he wants; “Yeah, get wild baby, so hot, God damn, I need a towel baby, I could wipe you down right now baby, I could ride that wave right now baby.” AKA – not the song you want to play in the car with your mom on your way to go grocery shopping…

“New Chapter, New Demi”

demi lovato

“I’m no longer serious…I’m done with the sob stories. New chapter, new life, new album, new single, this is a completely new Demi.” A cool Demi Lovato said to Ryan Seacrest recently on his radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest .

Her new single, “Cool for the Summer” came out this past week just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations. A sultry Demi is heard on the verses and the gritty-rock Demi is heard on the chorus. “Don’t tell your mother, kiss one another, die for each other, we’re cool for the summer” are the lyrics Lovato spits out on her new rebellious track.

Seacrest quizzed Demi on her new music, including her motivation behind her new sound; “I’ve spent so long focusing on just kind of people pleasing, making everybody happy with being the best role model I can be. At the end of the day, yes I am outspoken about the things I believe in…I have all these things that make me a role model, but at the same time none of these things are really representing the bad ass that I am.” Get it girl!

Lovato and Ryan Seacrest
Lovato and Ryan Seacrest

Lovato had help from producer mastermind Max Martin in the studio. Martin is responsible for early pop hits from Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys and newer tunes from Taylor Swift and of course…Lovato herself. “I did this song (“Cool for the Summer”) with Max Martin…the trickiest part about this song was trying to not make the song too rock so that it could still go mainstream and not make it too pop to where its not rock anymore,” said Lovato.

She also told Seacrest that her album will feature a lot more provocative lyrics and ‘new’ elements. “I have a lot of rhythmic flares in there as well…There’s nobody in the pop industry that says ‘Don’t f*** with me’. I am totally that but in pop music,” she says.

Demi has already proved her singing chops with emotional songs like “Skyscraper” and her pop chops with songs like, “Really Don’t Care”, so now is her time to take risks and get a little saltier. She tells Seacrest, “There’s a side of me that people don’t get to see with my past music, but it’s been there. Just because I’m sober doesn’t mean that I’m judging anybody else for their stuff and it also doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a damn good time back then either.”

Although there’s no name for the album yet Lovato says, “I do love naming my albums after songs. It’ll (the title) come to me when it’s ready, just like the music.”

Could Demi’s next album be titled Cool for the Summer??

-Abbey 🙂

Summer Boat Playlist!


This weekend is July 4th and I like to celebrate my independence on a boat! So why not have a sweet playlist to go with it?! If you don’t have a boat, just sit on the lawn in your bikini and bask in your own independent glow!

1.) “The Judge” by Twenty One Pilots: A ukulele-driven little ditty with a catchy hook. Reminds me of being on a sandy beach somewhere. I can almost picture myself swaying on a boat to the small waves under the hot sun. One of Twenty One Pilots’ ‘lighter’ songs but still carries some heavy lyrical weight; “You’re the judge, oh no, set me free, I know my soul’s freezing, Hell’s hot for good reason, so please, take me.”

2.) “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges: A blast from the past to a simpler time in music. Muffled vintage vocals ooze out of Bridges’ mouth. Grab your partner and dance under the fireworks to this one. Easygoing drum beats and pretty lyrics remind us of a simpler kind of love; “Baby, baby, baby, I’m coming home, to your tender sweet loving.”

3.) “Interlude: Moving On” by Paramore: Another cute ukulele tune backing Ms. Williams’ killer cool voice. “Moving On” is an ode to the haters; “Let ’em soak in the sun, sit back and let ’em have their fun, let ’em spill their guts, cause one day they’re gonna slip on ’em”. There’s nothing better than a sassy song sung in a cute acoustic fashion.

4.) “American Oxygen” by Rihanna: AMERICAN Oxygen…come on you guys. Did you really think I wouldn’t list this one?? Rihanna’s vocals are on FIRE as always and the vibe is a little slower and less ghetto which makes it the perfect “chill” song. “This is the new America, we are the new America,” I might just sing this one all weekend!

5.) “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd: I know I’ve already talked about my obsession with this song but it’s SO good. The snaps, the WOO’s, the clap beat, those sultry vocals. This song is too good to not dance to on a cool boat. Not to mention totally sing-a-long worthy!

6.) “Holding On” by Disclosure: I’ve also already expressed how amazing this song is. The beat is incredibly vintage-feeling almost has the power to be the next “Vogue”. Definitely a song to cruise to while laying out on a beautiful boat out on the water.

7.) “This Charming Man” by The Smiths: Beachy alt-guitars and a subtle bass line make this song as catchy as it is. Morrissey’s vocals sail effortlessly through this entire song making you bop your head back and forth in true 80’s fashion. The Smith’s were always cool and brimming with good vibes (no matter how depressing the lyrics were).

8.) “Ship To Wreck” by Florence & the Machine: Tambourines, glorious lyrics, and Florence’s incredible voice. This song is absolutely infectious, I could listen to it on repeat for days. The verses are just as fun as the chorus even though the subject material is NOT fun…

9.) “Party” by Beyoncé: This is off of one of Beyoncé’s lighter albums 4. One of the cooler songs, with fun lyrics and a quick verse from J. Cole (or Andre 3000 – depending on what version you’re listening to). “Party” makes you want to do just that. The beat is an electric pop dream bound to make even your Grandma break it down.

10.) “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris: One of my absolute favorite Calvin Harris songs of all time. The piano chords are so gorgeous and provide a beautiful contrast to the dance beat. “Feel So Close” has simple lyrics but they prove to be the most powerful element of the song. The song makes you want to start some sort of love revolution. The perfect song to jam to with family and friends.

I hope you guys enjoy some of these songs during your Fourth of July festivities!


-Abbey 🙂