Music Monday’s: Waves


Key Item: Tie Dye tank top

Key Materials: Ripped Denim

Shoe Situation: All black converse

Accessory Must: Rope bracelet

Miguel’s new album Wildheart is nothing short of wild sexual references and catchy 70’s esque vibes. “Waves” is no different. “Don’t stop, I wanna ride that wave, all night…” Miguel croons through sultry muffled vocals. A clap happy drum beat makes you wanna two step and throw on some bell bottoms or skate with your boo at a roller rink. Miguel’s layered vocals add a psychedelic element that go hand in hand with the explicit lyrics. Subtlety has never been Miguel’s strong suit, he makes it very clear what he wants; “Yeah, get wild baby, so hot, God damn, I need a towel baby, I could wipe you down right now baby, I could ride that wave right now baby.” AKA – not the song you want to play in the car with your mom on your way to go grocery shopping…

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