On Repeat: Alina Baraz

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After her 2018 exquisite album, The Color of You, Alina Baraz is back in 2020 with a new album releasing on May 5th. The album titled, It Was Divine is bound to be another collection of high-shined musical diamonds.

The songstress just released her latest single titled “Morocco” where she details the sensual parts of a steamy romance. A beachy backdrop places sultry imagery within the single – making it ready for summer 2020. Baraz sweetly sings, “my favorite view is me covered in you, nothing but my perfume, oh I love the taste of you.” Her voice is angelic as always as every note swiftly glides out of her lips like it was meant to leave all along.

A soothing backbeat and elevated chimes make “Morocco” even more lush and romantic – something Baraz is an expert on (listen to recent single “Trust”). 6LACK hops onto the track for a thicker R&B sound as his voice expertly fits into Baraz’s like a final puzzle piece.

Listen for yourself below:



Who You Need: Jorja Smith

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WHO: Jorja Smith

WHERE: Walsall, UK

GENRE: R&B/Alternative

TOP SONGS: “Blue Lights” and “On My Mind”

The 21-year-old just released her full-length debut album titled, Lost & Found. It feels like a soundtrack to a rainy day or even a coffee shop mixed tape. Smith’s voice is similar to fellow R&B angel, SZA along with hints of the late Amy Winehouse.

Her sultry single, “February 3rd” shows off her light and airy vocals; dreamy, often mysterious and full of layers. She sings effortlessly, “so why don’t you lose yourself for me?” The lyrics are romantically poetic in a way that makes you feel a bit tongue-tied until you process what they are actually saying. “February” sets the tone for the remainder of the album; a steady stream of more and more feelings.

Smith carries herself with such youthful poise. She spoke about her future hopes and dreams with Apple Music Beats 1, saying “My plan is to get a lot of people to listen to this music. Also, want to direct some of my videos and perform in bigger venues but make it intimate. Don’t know about this, not being able to leave places without loads of security. It’s weird.”


Listen to Jorja Smith’s debut album here



Who You Need: Amber Mark


amber mark
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WHO: Amber Mark

WHERE: Manhattan, NY

GENRE: R&B/Soul/Alternative

TOP TRACK: “Way Back”

New single, “Lose My Cool” takes on a couple different shapes. Mark’s deep voice slides above some jazzy piano chords as a slick intro makes you think “hmmm, this is cool” (pun intended) A tropical beat takes over, showing off the span of genres this track covers. Mark has a captivating voice that takes you to a somewhat higher place. Something we felt similarly on her 2016 single, “Monsoon (feat. Mia Mark)” as she honored her late mother, Mia. If you close your eyes you can feel an ocean breeze brush your hair past your face.

She describes her sound as, “a mix of alternative R&B mixed with a little tribal and topped off with a little soul.” Being a tri-artist herself (singer, songwriter, and producer), Mark is quickly making a loud presence in the music world. I can’t wait to hear what’s next.







Who You Need: Bryson Tiller

bryson tiller
image: kickrocs.com

Name: Bryson Tiller

From: Louisville, KY

Genre: Rap, Hip-hop, R&B

Popular Songs: “Overtime”, and “Don’t”

Discography: Debut album; Trapsoul released Oct. 1 2015



If you’ve seen Kylie Jenner’s quick Snapchat vids of her lip-syncing lately, it’s probably to a Bryson Tiller song. I looked him up and fell in love. Hot damn, Tiller can SING.

He has perfected R&B with subtle rap and hip-hop elements making Trapsoul the perfect soundtrack to your love life. Each song is just as sultry as the next; keeping a mellow vibe. “So gimme all of you in exchange for me, just give me all of you in exchange for me, for me,” Tiller croons on “Exchange.” He blends poetic melodies with explicit rap content in a way that makes you appreciate rap as musical art. The swearing is subtle and adds a slight edge to his music.

Standout track, “Don’t” starts out with a spooky intro, then the bass kicks in as Tiller sweetly sings, “Don’t, don’t play with her don’t be dishonest.” The song talks about sweeping a girl off her feet and taking her away from the man who doesn’t treat her right. Ummmmm… yes please? Whether you’re enjoying a chill wine night at home or out on a fun date night, Bryson Tiller is the perfect sound.



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