The Summer of GALANTIS

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Billboard Magazine named them the Best Dance Music Moment at Coachella this year while dance music website Dancing Astronaut named their set the Best Debut of the Festival. This duo is known as Galantis and they are going to dance their way into your hearts (or ears?) very soon. Made up of Christian Karlsson, aka Bloodshy, and Linus Eklöw, aka Style of Eye. These two are reinventing dance music and bringing diversity to each song they create. Both have devoted their careers to dance music and have now teamed together to form Galantis. Their full-length debut album is titled Pharmacy and will be available June 8.

At first listen, you become addicted to these guys. Everything they are producing is of the highest quality. They merge all the popular elements of dance music with futuristic vocals and sounds we’ve never heard before. Catchy hooks, and deep house drops make each song radio ready for the summer of GALANTIS. As I noticed they were releasing a new song every week in preparation for their debut album, I realized I was buying every single one…my workout playlist is forever grateful. These two create the type of music that is slightly hypnotizing yet consumingly emotional, it’s just that good.

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“Runaway (U & I)” was the first song I heard by this duo. Using childlike vocals and heavy electronic repetition, I was immediately hooked. It feels futuristic yet the lyrics are so simplistic and touching; “I wanna runaway, anywhere out this place, just you and I.” Most dance songs can get old after a while, but Galantis never bores you, not once. The lyrics match the thematic element of the background sounds. It was also the #9 Most Shazamed Song at Coachella 2015.

“You” is a more recent single that caught my attention. Once again, using high-pitched anthemic vocals they pull you in as you patiently wait for what’s bound to be an epic drop. But that depends on what version you listen to. The original “You” is a lot lighter in terms of electronic beats than the remixes by Tiesto and so forth. You feel as though your hearing piano chords that are laced with computer touches. The original “You” sounds more pop/radio ready than the remixes do. The cool thing about Galantis is that they have so many remixes for this song. Each mix can give you a completely different vibe if you listen close enough, it’s quite fascinating actually.

On the other hand, my new favorite is “Peanut Butter Jelly”. Taking a vintage spin back in time, this song sounds like something you would hear on the Just Dance video game. Grab your dusty bell bottoms and swing your hips on the dance floor, maybe slip on some roller skates? It’s just an overall “feel good” song that revolves around the saying “spin it like peanut butter jelly.” Fun, right??

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Christian and Linus talked to back in December about their music. “We give each song a treatment like it is our last song that we will ever write. We don’t do any fillers, we try to give all full attention both visually, and production and how its being released,” said Linus. When asked what they appreciate most about deep-house music, they said plain and simply, “the groove”. Galantis describe their music saying, “We bring something new to the table. We’ve got a solid toolbox that we use combining a lot of different music and it turned into something that’s missing. That’s why we wanted to do it, so yeah.” 


-Abbey 🙂 





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“All you sinners stand up, sing hallelujah!” are the first words spit out of lead singer, Brendan Urie’s mouth on Panic! at the Disco’s new single, “Hallelujah”. A song clearly about the faults we all make as human beings. No one’s perfect, and especially the man in the song, who seems to have cheated on his significant other; “My life started the day I got caught under the covers, with secondhand lovers, oh, tied up in pretty young things.”

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The song itself has a glorious vibe to it, almost redemption like as Urie sings, “Let it move right through ya, say your prayers.” Although “Hallelujah” seems to be an apology, it also serves as a sermon with some quick life lessons (“You’ll never know if you don’t ever try again, so let’s try”), and a plea to a loved one for forgiveness (“And you miss them like you miss no other”) and a better future.

A pounding drum beat and exceptionally high falsetto notes from Mr. Urie litter every second of this song. Panic! always have a way of making extremely addicting songs (“This Is Gospel”). Most of their songs are high energy, powerful, and uplifting (for the most part). I often forget they exist, but they do!

Lead singer Brendan Urie  photo via
Lead singer Brendan Urie
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The band has actually been around for 10 years and have gone through several line-up changes. Urie is now the only original members saying recently to KROQ radio station, “For me, its never changed, I’ve always loved doing this, I love this job and its something I never want to let go of.” Urie then explained the “Hallelujah’s” meaning, “It’s a relationship hallelujah in a couple different ways. When you have to own up to your mistakes, praise that, as long as you take responsibility for your actions, everything else can fall into place.”

-Abbey 🙂

Music Mondays: Jackie and Wilson

Jackie And Wilson

Key Item: Oversized white button down

Key Material: Loose fitting, flowy fabrics

Shoe Situation: Birkenstock

Hozier’s “Jackie and Wilson” is one of several standout tracks on his debut album, Hozier. “We’ll name our children Jackie and Wilson, raise em on rhythm and blues”, are the words slipping out of Hozier’s mouth as he seductively plans out his future. With the tap of two drum sticks and a deep guitar-line, this is the song you picture yourself bopping your head to on a lazy Sunday morning as you finish the dishes or clean up your messy dorm room. Hozier pulls you in with the first, “She’s gonna save me, call me baby, run her hands through my hair.” This song paints a pretty picture of two people, madly in love, and also just plain mad, but the love they have is powerful enough to last. It pokes fun at daydreaming of the future, and nothing’s sexier than a guy who’s already picking out your kids’ names, am I right?!

-Abbey 🙂

Enlightened by The 1975

I always end up finding a 1975 song that I’ve never heard and I immediately fall in love. It happens every couple months or so. I become obsessed with it. I look up the lyrics. I listen to it on repeat as I do my homework. I find the meaning behind it. I let it consume me. “HNSCC” is different. Coming off the deluxe version of their debut album The 1975, this song is maddeningly beautiful. There are no lyrics, only whaling guitars and electro synths making you feel every emotion possible in the most glorious way.

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HNSCC actually stands for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Patients were identified with it in 1975 (hmmmm…) The root of this increasing trend is unclear, although marijuana use and HPV infections are possible explanations. It is commonly found in young males.

In an interview back in early 2013, lead singer Matt Healey told Bang Tidy Music that HNSCC is the chemical title for head nose and throat cancer. He then explained how it was created saying, “My Nana who I was close to died of cancer this year and it was around about that time that the guitarist’s mum got diagnosed with cancer and it felt like it was a big impact, the fact that something you have no control over can really mess with the dynamics of people’s lives. It’s actually a live guitar take. I was playing the guitar plugged in the computer and George was putting it through every plugin you can imagine. He recorded it without telling me so I was in the zone. This was 2 am on a Saturday night so we were under the influence. I recorded the guitar take and we listened to it back hammered and we were like ‘this is really pretty man, nah let’s get some sleep’. We woke up the next day and we just spent like half an hour putting little moments of vocals and synth and that was that. I think ‘Music for Cars’ is the most honest record in regards to things like that.”

Healey then explained that “HNSCC” can stand for whatever you want it to stand for; “That’s what art is, I want people to make up their own things. People have said to me that they have taken something from the music and asked ‘does this mean that?’ and I said ‘no but it does to you’…If it makes you think about something, that’s the reason I [make music]. I want people to feel about our records the same way that I’ve done about other people’s music, whether it’s negative or positive, I just don’t want people to not give a fuck. Six months ago I wouldn’t have minded, but now we’ve started I really want to know what people think.”

As I read through the comments, I noticed people were doing just what Healey said. Finding their own feelings for this song and what it means to them:

-“This makes me feel like I’m in that state between consciousness and sub-consciousness; when I’m slightly aware of what is happening around me, yet I’m kind of drifting apart; like the kinda state where I’m just about to die and I’m counting my last breaths and I can feel my soul is just about to depart and I couldn’t be happier about it because that means this is an end to all my sufferings. And just before I’m about to slip off, I catch that last glance of that person who meant everything to me and that is all to what I’ve ever wanted and I couldn’t be happier.”

-“Every time I listen to this song I cry. Its something about it that’s so beautiful and deep. I feel this type of peace and serenity in this song. I think what makes it so beautiful is the simplicity, the calming sounds. It feels like you’re slowly dying, but you’re dying a peaceful death. It really makes you think about how wonderful death really is. Life is hell, but its a test. And this song makes me feel like the test is finally over. I’m far too young to think about death but honestly I like the sound of the word death. For some these thoughts I’m feeling are quite morbid or scary, but honestly death is beautiful. All your worries and fears are finally over. This is what I think this songs about. It might be different to everyone else though.”

-“it reminds me of when you’re in a coma and you have the choice to live or die. like all the memories and all your different stories are playing back in a fast motion and it stops on certain ones, and those are the memories that help you decide to stay or let go. i feel like I’m somewhere between conscious and unconscious, relaxed and stress free. Happy.”

-“when you’re in the back seat of a car, driving late at night. Very little cars around on the highway. And no one is making noise.  just the road, the car engine and you breathing.”

-“When I listen to this song. I feel like I am standing in the edge of a cliff and the wind is howling around me. Whipping my hair about and I feel terribly alone because there is no one around me and I can’t even hear my own breathing. This song sets me on an edge. An edge I quite like. This is the kind of music that brings you to a terminal closure. I know it sounds bad but in a way I feel like this is the kind of song which makes you feel okay about giving up. Like it’s okay to jump and be peaceful. I feel like this is something one might hear when he or she is ready to give up. The freedom of being able to give up completely is what I feel through this song. It’s a the soundtrack of closure and feeling renewed with the idea of not existing for mundane things. Whenever I have such thoughts, this song is the only thing I listen to. It makes me feel light. Free of burden and one with myself even though I can’t fucking hear the voices in my head.”

-“colors. that’s all i see when i hear this, memories of past friends and things i wouldn’t remember just listening to the birds. like the flashback of your life when your dying, people you loved and stories you heard. sounds, like the laughter of a friend who died before she actually lived, a train speeding past you. tastes like bitter chocolate, green tea with too much sugar, salty tears. this song has a vibe to it i can’t even explain.”

I think this is so amazing that people are feeling so many crazy things for this song. It really shows the immense power that music has over people, emotionally and mentally. I can only imagine how proud The 1975 are that they created such a gorgeous song that can touch so many people.


Alabama Shakes: “Gimme All Your Love”

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I completely forgot Alabama Shakes existed until I saw their show stopping performance on SNL back in March. I mean, the pipes on lead singer Brittany Howard are just unlike anything. Talk about SOUL. Their sophomore album Sound & Color just came out this past week and I’ve been listening ever since. This album takes you on a trip through time using the most nostalgic muffled vocals, soulful rips, R&B croons, and a little electric guitar to cure the soul.

Here’s the SNL live performance. Don’t forget to pick your jaw up off the floor after…

“Gimme All Your Love” is an absolute stand out track off the album. Starting out slow and steady showcasing Howard’s impeccable power and vocal strength as she half screeches, “Gimme all your love!”. At the two and a half minute mark “Love” swiftly turns into something else; a fantastic musical breakdown. Blues-y guitars barge in followed by a racing drum beat then a snazzy call & response between guitars which leads to the climactic edge of the song as the rock elements truly come center stage. This group comes together musically in such a traditional and magical way. “Gimme All Your Love” will race around your head for hours after, leaving you enlightened, slightly melancholy, and begging for a voice like Howard’s.

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Lead singer Brittany Howard belting every lyric. photo courtesy of

The lyrics are so simple yet so rich. “So tell me what you wanna do, you say the world, it doesn’t fit with you, why don’t you talk to me for just a little while?”. Begging for love seems to be the main idea here, but there’s more. It’s actually the power of love as you hear through the music. The up and down pattern of the music resembles the ups and downs of love and a relationship. The musical shift near the end is the center point; the overall scream, the last effort, “gimme all your love”. This song makes you want to dance on a porch in a sundress and also grab a tambourine.

The truth is…I can’t say one bad thing about this song, band, or album. I can’t wait to grab Sound & Color off the shelves and attempt to sing with Howard in my car. (My commute to work is about to be so rock n roll, baby).

-Abbey 🙂

Music Mondays: BBHMM


Key Item: Ca$h Clutch because B*tch Better Have My Money

Key Materials: Fur, Leather, and Mesh.

Shoe Situation: Heavy/thick boots.

Accessory Must: Chunky chocker

Terry Richardson Rolling Stone Cover
Terry Richardson Rolling Stone Cover

It’s been three years since we heard some new Rihanna. Now, she’s back and ghetto than ever. “FourFiveSeconds” reminded us of her strong vocal prowess, but “Bitch Better Have My Money” brings us the real Rihanna that we’ve all missed. Her voice, borderline rapping flows in sync with a beat you can’t help but dance to (and throw some 100’s in the air…just kidding, maybe some 1’s…). A repetitive chorus is prominent throughout the song, but sure as hell makes you want to learn every verse. “Kamikaze if you think that you gon’ knock me off the top, s*** your wife in the backseat of my brand new foreign car, don’t act like you forgot, I call the shots, shots, shots,” Ms. Rihanna half shouts as confidence oozes from her mouth. If this is a glimpse into what will be on the new album, then get ready, Rihanna is about to slay the game.

By: Abbey 😀

Check out the live performance!

New Workout Playlist!

I feel like its been too long since I’ve shared what I’ve been sweating to lately. Now that Spring is finally here, I have even more motivation to get outside and head to the gym (stares blankly at Victoria’s Secret swimsuit ad as my legs fire away on the elliptical…)


Updating your gym playlist on a daily basis is a great way to refresh your ears and hopefully motivate you to sweat and get moving! I just recently updated my “Work Ittttt” playlist on my phone, so I hope you guys like these and find them helpful in your next workout.

  • “Insomnia (feat. Parson James)” by Audien : This song has everything I love about dance music; killer vocals and a sick drop. Definitely the perfect song to work out to, the higher the volume, the more sweat you feel dripping down your face. Elements of pop line each verse along with handclaps, ooo’s, and powerful lyrics.

  • “Till It Hurts ft. Ayden” by Yellow Claw: The vocals on this song are truly what sell it to me. “Hurts” starts out sounding like a standard pop/dance track but swiftly shifts into a sort of hip-hop/electronic song after the chorus. Ayden’s voice is so dramatically beautiful, she hits every pulsating note with such intensity, you can’t help but feel drawn to this song.

  • “Where Are U Now (feat. Justin Bieber)” by Skrillex & Diplo: Yes, you guys…. it’s my guilty pleasure, just let me enjoy it. I have been listening to this song on REPEAT FOR DAYS. The best part about this song is the fact that you can spot what parts are Skrillex and what parts are Diplo. But they also did a phenomenal job at mixing both of their musical skills to create such a powerful song. Bieber sweetly sings, “See, I gave you faith, turned your doubt into hoping, can’t deny it, now I’m all alone and my joys turned to moping.” Another perfect dance/electronic song you can totally rage to when that beat drops.

  • “Intoxicated” by Martin Solveig & GTA: Heavy in the electronics, Solveig proves once again that his dreamy falsetto voice can soar over a deep house beat meant for a house party in Palm Springs. This song has so many layers to it including repeated piano chords, layered vocal verses, a cowbell?, and crazy electronic beats. What’s not to love? Super groovy and super dope at the same time.

  • “Run On Love” by Lucas Nord & Tove Lo: I randomly found this song while I was cruising through the iTunes dance charts. It actually was released back in 2013 and I can’t believe I have never heard it until now. I think more people are now hearing this song because of Tove Lo’s recent popularity (as they should be.) Lo’s voice keeps its beautiful alto tone as she sings, “we can run on love for a while, we can run on love till it dies.”

  • “To U (feat. Aluna George)” by Skrillex & Diplo: SICKEST DROP EVER. Not to mention George’s innocent sweet voice chirping alongside tropical beats, pounding electronics, and a spaceship landing? Whatever, it couldn’t be more fabulous to listen to. I’ve always gravitated towards dance/electronic songs with singing, because I find this genre can get boring without the layout some good lyrics can add to a song.

  • “Cool (feat. Roy English)” by Alesso: This is the standard Alesso we know and love. Gorgeous vocals lead us into a dance dream and Mr. English is the angel sitting on a cloud singing the most beautiful notes in the world (check out “Julianne” #coldchills). Alesso is a dance master and “Cool” is another song that proves just that.


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