The Summer of GALANTIS

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Billboard Magazine named them the Best Dance Music Moment at Coachella this year while dance music website Dancing Astronaut named their set the Best Debut of the Festival. This duo is known as Galantis and they are going to dance their way into your hearts (or ears?) very soon. Made up of Christian Karlsson, aka Bloodshy, and Linus Eklöw, aka Style of Eye. These two are reinventing dance music and bringing diversity to each song they create. Both have devoted their careers to dance music and have now teamed together to form Galantis. Their full-length debut album is titled Pharmacy and will be available June 8.

At first listen, you become addicted to these guys. Everything they are producing is of the highest quality. They merge all the popular elements of dance music with futuristic vocals and sounds we’ve never heard before. Catchy hooks, and deep house drops make each song radio ready for the summer of GALANTIS. As I noticed they were releasing a new song every week in preparation for their debut album, I realized I was buying every single one…my workout playlist is forever grateful. These two create the type of music that is slightly hypnotizing yet consumingly emotional, it’s just that good.

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“Runaway (U & I)” was the first song I heard by this duo. Using childlike vocals and heavy electronic repetition, I was immediately hooked. It feels futuristic yet the lyrics are so simplistic and touching; “I wanna runaway, anywhere out this place, just you and I.” Most dance songs can get old after a while, but Galantis never bores you, not once. The lyrics match the thematic element of the background sounds. It was also the #9 Most Shazamed Song at Coachella 2015.

“You” is a more recent single that caught my attention. Once again, using high-pitched anthemic vocals they pull you in as you patiently wait for what’s bound to be an epic drop. But that depends on what version you listen to. The original “You” is a lot lighter in terms of electronic beats than the remixes by Tiesto and so forth. You feel as though your hearing piano chords that are laced with computer touches. The original “You” sounds more pop/radio ready than the remixes do. The cool thing about Galantis is that they have so many remixes for this song. Each mix can give you a completely different vibe if you listen close enough, it’s quite fascinating actually.

On the other hand, my new favorite is “Peanut Butter Jelly”. Taking a vintage spin back in time, this song sounds like something you would hear on the Just Dance video game. Grab your dusty bell bottoms and swing your hips on the dance floor, maybe slip on some roller skates? It’s just an overall “feel good” song that revolves around the saying “spin it like peanut butter jelly.” Fun, right??

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Christian and Linus talked to back in December about their music. “We give each song a treatment like it is our last song that we will ever write. We don’t do any fillers, we try to give all full attention both visually, and production and how its being released,” said Linus. When asked what they appreciate most about deep-house music, they said plain and simply, “the groove”. Galantis describe their music saying, “We bring something new to the table. We’ve got a solid toolbox that we use combining a lot of different music and it turned into something that’s missing. That’s why we wanted to do it, so yeah.” 


-Abbey 🙂 



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