Music Mondays: “Say It”

Say It


Key Item: Embroidered bomber jacket

Color Concepts: Pastel’s and white

Shoe Situation: Common Projects pastel pink tennis shoes


Flume seems to be on a role lately. Not only does he remix some of the coolest songs and make them even cooler (Listen to his rendition of “Tennis Courts” and “You & Me”) but he’s been collaborating with some of the best pop vocalists out right now. His last single “Never Be Like You” featuring Kai, is now everywhere. His latest, “Say It” features the sweet vocals of hippie-pop sensation Tove Lo. As usual, the song builds to a beautiful electronic blow-up that is as mesmerizing as the cover art that goes with it. Lo sings with a punchy whiny-ness that you can’t help but love. “Bite me babe, you make me love the pain, break my bed to make me wanna stay.” The song deals with the unexplainable pull of two people to be together but simply can’t. The lyrics remain passionately beautiful as Flume usually does. There’s a certain magic Flume has that other DJ’s cannot master.

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Who You Need: dvsn


WHO: dvsn

WHERE: Toronto


TOP SONG: “Hallucinations”



dvsn (pronounced “division”) is quite the mystery. Dropping a subtle album on iTunes in early April titled Sept. 5th , this duo, signed to Drake’s OVO Sound label are making major waves in the R&B genre. Alongside similar artists like Majid Jordan and Miguel, dvsn mixes electronic sounds with R&B beats and the cherry on top? Impeccable vocals from singer Daniel Daley. Standout track “Hallucinations” feels like a cloudy dream as Daley’s vocals swoon you to sleep; “Tryna rewind ’til we’re back where we started, yeah that’s all I want, night after night after night I’m still haunted.” Another hot song off their debut is titled, “Too Deep” with credits going to  producer of the group Jefferies, Majid Jordan, Timbaland, the late Static Major, Maneesh, and other dvsn member Daniel Daley.

Jefferies told The Fader he started dvsn to “to explore some stuff that I normally wouldn’t get to do as this quote-unquote pop producer.” And that’s exactly what you hear on this album. Gospel-soul-like sounds that never seem to grace the radio waves. Each track takes you on a crazy trip into another world you can’t seem to get out of mentally (in a good way.) Jefferies has a strong hand in the OVO Sound producing crew and is bound to make you fall in love with him sooner or later. Although he keeps his identity on the low, dvsn might be the end of that.




Music Mondays: “Something About You (ODESZA remix)”

Something About You

Key Item: Givenchy ripped sweater

Color Concepts: Black

Shoe Situation: Common Projects pastel pink tennis shoes

Accessory Must: Black canvas hat

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“Something About You” serves us the more emotional side of electronic music with a drop that makes you feel as enlightened as the vocals on each verse. “What about a hit of your look?” is the chorus trigger. The song keeps all the royal elements of EDM with powerful vocals that hit your bones to the core. The lyrics are simple, poetic, and truthful. They talk about decisions, love, and just plain energy; something EDM knows a lot about. ODESZA always knows how to make a song that more magical, and that’s definitely what they did here. You picture yourself driving down a sunny highway with your hair flying out the window while your friend sits barefoot drinking a Snapple next to you. The sounds of birds chirping near the end of the song, give you an even more serene feeling as the song reaches its last climax.

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5 Things We Want to Hear on Drake’s “Views”

Views, is said to drop April 29.

I’ll be ready…


1.) Another Rihanna collab: “Work,” “What’s My Name,” “Take Care.” C’mon…we can’t get enough of this duo. Rihanna’s raspy voice and Drake’s gentle notes lead you into a romantic trance every time. A joint album should be in the future for these two.



2.) More tropical vibes: “Hotline Bling” had it and his latest single “One Dance” has it. Conga drums, shakers, and a thick beat. Could a Drake-ish “Work” be on Views? Most likely! And I hope so!

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3.) Something as hype as “Jumpman”: You just can’t help but rap to it. It has it all; punchy lyrics and an addicting beat. Not to mention, major party power. It gets the people going. Hopefully Drake has his own “Jumpman” on this album that spits some real dirt.

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4.) Lyrics about being “friends” with the Kardashians: We’ve seen him at the parties, posin’ for the Gram alongside TV’s favorite family. Now, let’s hear about which one you’re really “friends” with.

mama jenner
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5.) Another Majid Jordan duet: “Hold On We’re Going Home,” “My Love”… You can’t deny that Jordan brings just the right vibe to Drake’s soft spoken raps. The two compliment each other extremely well and I can only hope that Views brings us another collab.



Music Mondays: “3 Strikes”

3 Strikes
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Key Item: Camouflage jacket

Color Concepts: Dark neutrals

Shoe Situation: Yeezy boots

Accessory Must: Quay oversized sunnies

Think about Ellie Goulding having a baby with Tinashe, that’s what Terror Jr. could be compared to. High pitched vocals, with saucy lyrics. A steady beat keeps the song on a slick train into pop land. “Down for one night, like I got three strikes,” sings Jr. as the inaudible backup vocals and thudding beat pop back in making you tap your feet along. The song appears in Kylie Jenner’s “Gloss” video where her girlfriends are seen getting into some money troubles at a beat up motel in the desert (totally badass.) Jenner nonchalantly waits in the car, applying her lip gloss as “3 Strikes” echoes in the background. Putting the perfect sexy pop punch in the video. But, who is Terror Jr.? People are suspecting it’s Jenner under this alias, considering no social media accounts existed until after the video. Hmm…..

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