Music Mondays: “Something About You (ODESZA remix)”

Something About You

Key Item: Givenchy ripped sweater

Color Concepts: Black

Shoe Situation: Common Projects pastel pink tennis shoes

Accessory Must: Black canvas hat

Image via
Image via

“Something About You” serves us the more emotional side of electronic music with a drop that makes you feel as enlightened as the vocals on each verse. “What about a hit of your look?” is the chorus trigger. The song keeps all the royal elements of EDM with powerful vocals that hit your bones to the core. The lyrics are simple, poetic, and truthful. They talk about decisions, love, and just plain energy; something EDM knows a lot about. ODESZA always knows how to make a song that more magical, and that’s definitely what they did here. You picture yourself driving down a sunny highway with your hair flying out the window while your friend sits barefoot drinking a Snapple next to you. The sounds of birds chirping near the end of the song, give you an even more serene feeling as the song reaches its last climax.

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