Music Mondays: No Broken Hearts

No Broken Hearts

Key Item: Asymmetrical t-shirt

Color Concepts: Black and White combo

Shoe Situation: Black Timberlands

Accessory Must: “I Came Here To Break Hearts” cap

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Rexha gives you a Saturday night anthem you can sing to your friend who’s crying in the bathroom over her ex-boyfriend who’s out in the club grinding on another nasty girl. “No broken hearts in the club, no tears in the club, cause we gon get it poppin’ tonight…more drinks pour it up,” she sings in her edgy pop voice. Electronic synths guide this song into everyone’s heads. A pounding chorus with repetitive lyrics is all you need to get hooked. Rexha maintains her bad girl image as we’ve heard on her other hits, like “Me, Myself, and I,” (with G Eazy) and “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You.” Minaj’s rap flare adds the essential hip-hop element this song needs. After first listen, you know it’s a banger.

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Who You Need: Blackbear




WHO: Blackbear

WHERE: Los Angeles, California


TOP SONGS: “Idfc,” “Oh Lord,” “Different Hoes”



He co-wrote Bieber’s hit, “Boyfriend” which pretty much means he’s destined for success, right? Blackbear’s sound is different from most. He mixes hip-hop influences with R&B crooning vocals that make you weak in the knees. He spits pretty notes on “Oh Lord” and sings you to sleep with “idfc.”

His latest album, titled Help features some of the best cruising songs you can think of. Opening track, “Don’t Stop” sounds like a Bryson Tiller sample, as he talks about living life in excess and being successful. Blackbear’s falsetto makes a sultry appearance, proving his vocal quality is something we don’t often hear much of in the hip-hop world. Each song has an intoxicating beat with nasty lyrics you can’t help but sing to (not with your mom in the car though…)

Blackbear builds a bridge between love songs and grimey hip-hop. His voice can curse out your ex or make you fall in love. The musical range is epic. There’s no doubt that 2016 will be Blackbear’s year.


Music Monday’s: “BeFoUr”


Key Item: Alpha-Industry jade green flight bomber jacket

Color Concepts: Neutrals

Shoe Situation: Yeezy Boost 350

Accessory Must: “I Came Here To Break Hearts” cap


Zayn proves once again that he’s pulling a classic Justin Timberlake and finding his true success out of his solo career versus the boy band that brought him into the spotlight. My prediction? Zayn’s debut album Mind of Mine will solidify his place into the pop/R&B sensation that’s taking over radio waves. His latest single, “BeFoUr” takes on a darker vibe as Malik hazily sings, “So say what you wanna say, what you want, shame is you won’t say that to my face.” Poetic lyrics flow effortlessly out of Zayn’s mouth as a striking beat pulls you in with every verse. Layered pretty harmonies (reminiscent of a young Justin Timberlake) plague the chorus in the sexiest way. Don’t even get me started on that falsetto. I will now refer to Zayn as the reincarnated Justin Timberlake. This is just the beginning for Zayn and he knows it…

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Girl Crush: Ariana Grande

Her latest single, “Dangerous Woman” makes Ryan Seacrest want to “slither.” 


“Made my decision to test my limits, cause it’s my business, God as my witness, start what I finished, don’t need no hold up.” Ms. Grande’s sexy feminine voice pulls us in again with her lead single off her new album, Dangerous Woman. Fans originally thought the album would be named Moonlight, well, not anymore friends. Grande launched the official website for the album a couple weeks ago along with minimalist-style sweatshirts and shirts for sale with “dangerous woman” written on them in classy Times New Roman.

Check it out: 

It seems like just yesterday we were dancing to “Love Me Harder” and “One Last Time” and now we have even more new music from the singer. Dangerous Woman is destined to be perfect. We already know of a collaboration with Lil Wayne called “Let Me Love You”, which should be interesting…Macy Gray is also set to make a feature on the album. Grande debuted her new music on SNL last weekend performing “Dangerous Woman” and her single coming tonight titled, “Be Alright” that fans have been DYING to hear ever since she teased it on her Snapchat several months ago. “Alright” seems to take on all the right Ariana cues; a little R&B, a lot of airy vocals, and a slight dance feel.

Grande recently stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the new musical phase in her life saying, “The album is definitely the next step for me…it feels like a more mature evolved version…the whole body of work is a little darker and sexier and more mature.” After listening to “Dangerous Woman” and “Be Alright” I can only imagine how magically empowering the rest of the album will be.

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