Who You Need: Blackbear


Image: coogradio.com


WHO: Blackbear

WHERE: Los Angeles, California


TOP SONGS: “Idfc,” “Oh Lord,” “Different Hoes”



He co-wrote Bieber’s hit, “Boyfriend” which pretty much means he’s destined for success, right? Blackbear’s sound is different from most. He mixes hip-hop influences with R&B crooning vocals that make you weak in the knees. He spits pretty notes on “Oh Lord” and sings you to sleep with “idfc.”

His latest album, titled Help features some of the best cruising songs you can think of. Opening track, “Don’t Stop” sounds like a Bryson Tiller sample, as he talks about living life in excess and being successful. Blackbear’s falsetto makes a sultry appearance, proving his vocal quality is something we don’t often hear much of in the hip-hop world. Each song has an intoxicating beat with nasty lyrics you can’t help but sing to (not with your mom in the car though…)

Blackbear builds a bridge between love songs and grimey hip-hop. His voice can curse out your ex or make you fall in love. The musical range is epic. There’s no doubt that 2016 will be Blackbear’s year.


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