NMF Picks!

“Buzzin” – Alina Baraz


“Famous” – ROZES


“Damage (feat. Halsey)” – PARTYNEXTDOOR


“Miss You So Much” – Miley Cyrus


“Underdog” – Banks


“do re mi – Tarro Remix” – Blackbear 



Who You Need: Jeremy Zucker


Image via catalystnewspaper.com


WHO: Jeremy Zucker

WHERE: New Jersey


SONGS: “Talk Is Overrated” feat. Blackbear



A senior in college doesn’t stop this pretty boy from spreading his wings into the music world. This 21 year-old, is making a name for himself. Taking full reign of his sound, lyrics, production, etc; Zucker proves all you need to succeed is yourself.

This past July, he released a stellar single with hit-maker/inspiration, Blackbear called “Talk Is Overrated.” The track now has over 3,000,000 streams on Spotify, launching Zucker into the limelight. His sound is both sexy and fun, mixing the fun parts of pop with the intricate parts of R&B. Today marks the release of his next single, “End” a slower homage to a broken relationship. Zucker’s voice sounds raspy and fresh on each note. Older tracks like “October Snow”, “Keep My Head Afloat” and “Man Down” prove his stamina in his own genre.

I caught up with Zucker recently at his Juice Jam performance in Syracuse. While his guy gang hung out on plush couches, he chewed on some carrots and answered a round table of questions from some eager females.

Studying Biology in college, Zucker has to take classes one at a time so he’s able to balance his school work and musical career. He recently signed with Republic Records and described the process as “validating.” Republic is now helping his music reach more people. “I was putting out music every week and making sure every song was as good as I wanted it to be” Zucker says about his work ethic pre-label. He continues to keep the same mindset moving forward.


Expect an EP from Zucker by the end of the year, along with more live shows!



Quinn XCII: More Than Pop

Quinn’s latest album, The Story of Us is pop shot to the moon and back. Nothing is off limits. The Detroit native proves his voice is one of the most unique in the industry right now. 11 tracks tackle a new element and by the end, you’re convinced he can do no wrong.

Image via quinnxcii.com

Mixed beats lace each song while Quinn’s voice hijacks every syllable. “Don’t You” stands out as one of my favorites. Led by an acoustic guitar, the cutesy track quickly shifts into a low key R&B tune. Quinn doesn’t box himself in one genre, his verses are choppy yet mixed to perfection so the rhythm is NEVER off. The lyrics aren’t cryptic, he keeps it real and honest; “I’m losing my patience, swear she’s dating someone famous,” he spits out.

“Fake Denim” and “Straightjacket” are the catchiest off the album. Both keeping pop elements mixed with a slice of those R&B sounds he does so well. Quinn recently told Billboard that lead single “Straightjacket” is about, “Dating someone who acts one way in public but totally different (and crazier) behind closed doors, and the goal of ultimately exposing that true personality to everyone.” Both tracks have an underlying EDM vibe which parallels perfectly to his go-getter/confident attitude.

While most artists have albums that feel more like fillers, Quinn makes each song a hit single. The Story of Us is a wholesome album. I truly think there is something for everyone on it. I can’t wait to hear/see more from Quinn XCII in the future.



Juice Jam ’17: Diplo, MØ, and more!


“I’m missing class on Monday” Zucker says with a little boy smile as he addresses the hype Syracuse crowd. A senior in college and aspiring musician, Zucker has the skills to get there. He admits to creating all his own music in his basement, just playing on his laptop. His collab with Blackbear, “Talk Is Overrated” got the crowd singing along, as well as some of his earlier tracks.



They embody every alternative band out there; slammin’ chords, catchy lyrics, and serious good vibes. After a hard blow of a bass speaker, and a huge chant for a drum solo, the band jumped back on their feet to perform more fun tunes. Their latest track “Passenger Side” had fans screaming for more.



She’s the fairy sprinkled on every hit track; “Cold Water” and the viral “Lean On”. Her voice couldn’t be more perfect if she tried. Mirroring exactly what we hear through our own speakers, MØ knows how to put on a show. Dancing in a leopard print tank top, she ran right to left with a passionate energy. Eventually jumping into the crowd, grabbing hands, hugging shoulders, making fans feel the love. MØ is one of the purest artists out there.



Ugly God was one for the partiers of the day. Shouting things like “bitch” and “f*** Ugly God” there was no shortage of “lit” during this set. He spit game as (mostly frat) boys sang along. As the juice jammers chanted “Thanks Ugly God”, he held the mic down and smiled with his all-gold teeth into the crowd.



There’s no doubt, he stole the show. Playing all his hits, while mixing in current hip-hop faves, like “Rake It Up” and many more. Diplo knows how to command a crowd, no matter the size. With a setlist mixed to perfection, every beat is sharp and smoothly transitions into a new movement that the crowd rides for a straight hour. What Diplo does is so beyond the EDM world. He somehow is standing on top of this mountain of talent that most can’t explain. All we know is it’s really good.

*all photos taken by me