Who You Need: Gia Woods

WHO: Gia Woods

WHERE: Persia


TOP SONGS: “Heart Won’t Forget” and “Only a Girl”

Gia Woods is making her own rules, as we hear on her track “Jump The Fence.” She sings with a raspy sweetness, “I’ma jump the fence, won’t second guess, cause the way ya got me feelin’s, got me feeling dangerous.” Her sultry attitude draws you in at the start of every song. Her latest single, “New Girlfriend” features a light/groovier beat, read more below to find out the inspiration behind it!

What do you want people to feel while listening to “Jump the Fence”?  

“I want people to trust their own intuition more. I think a lot of times people get in their own way by always needing outside reassurance or acceptance. This is about overcoming that and doing whatever it is that makes you the most happy!”

What can fans expect from your debut EP? 

“I’m really focused on releasing tons of new music. So lots of singles and eventually an album or EP. But definitely new music every month! So you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!”

What’s your opinion on LGBTQ representation in music? 

“I like the fact that it is becoming way more widely accepted than any other time, and that so many talented artists have been brave enough to be open and vulnerable through their art. But I also just hope that people don’t treat sexuality as a new fad.”

Who are some of your current musical influences? 

“I’m always listening to different genres. But especially been listening to a lot of 80s and 90s music!”

Explain new single, “New Girlfriend” and how that song came to be? 

“This was an outside song that I had heard through my A&R. I fell in love with the topline as soon as I heard it, and I knew exactly how to make it my own so I booked a day with the writers and we tweaked the lyrics. Then I spent some time referencing production ideas with the producer and it all came together super naturally. It was an honor to work with people I truly respect! This is one of my favorite records that I was lucky enough to make mine.”

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On Repeat: “Girl” by Maren Morris

“Man, this shit’s unflatterin'” are the opening lyrics of Maren Morris’ most powerful single to date. “GIRL” is an ode to women everywhere with a simple message “love each other and love yourself.”

The fact that Morris even opened with the word “unflattering” is a statement in itself. Women everywhere feel that word on a personal level, and maybe even feel like it weighs them down at times. Maren discussed “GIRL” and how it started out with a different vision when she first wrote it, saying, “The inspiration really came from a tift I was having with a friend of mine who’s also in the music industry, and is a woman, and we’re actually very similar…I started this song as almost like a plea to this other woman, like, “Can we please just get our shit together and be cool?” And then, like an hour into the write…I had this realization that, no, I’m not writing this to her, I’m writing this to me, and that sucked realizing that because it was honestly me looking in the mirror and being like, ‘No, this is all your shit. It’s not hers. It’s your insecurity, your bullshit, your complexes.'”

Morris does a spectacular job at switching between an inner monologue and what’s actually on the outside. Straying from a twangy cliche country song, “GIRL” features a poignant electric guitar that plays repetitively throughout the song leaving its mark on you even after it’s over.

I firmly believe everything in Morris’ career has led to this moment. A moment where genres are blown down by the powerful message that this song carries and the way it can so easily resonate with any woman who hears it. Beautiful is an understatement.

Thank you, Maren


Celebrating International Women’s Day! (With Music)

2019 has already proved to be the year of powerful women! From an empowering Grammy’s ceremony to new chart records being broken and reached. Here are some of the most noteworthy things to happen for women in music this year (so far).

Cardi B became the first woman to win the Grammy for Best Rap Album as a solo artist.

-As The Hollywood Reporter points out, 31 women won awards during the 61st annual ceremony, an increase of over 82% from 2018.

-Ariana Grande won her first Grammy for Best Pop Vocal performance for Sweetener

image via secretnyc.co

-Emily Lazar became the first woman to win a Grammy for Best Engineered Album for her work on Beck’s, Colors.

Ariana Grande had the top three spots on the Hot 100 singles chart, which hasn’t happened since The Beatles in 1964.

-Country singer, Kacey Musgraves won four Grammy’s this year. She took home Album of the Year, Country Album, Country Song, and Country Solo Performance. On being a woman and being recognized by the Academy, the Texas native says, “I think that women have a really necessary perspective to art, to music and it’s really nice to see that getting a chance to be included… it takes two to tango and I think it takes women having the balls to put out art that might not always be liked by everyone, but it also takes people on the other side of that to reach out and give those things a chance to be heard or seen.”

61st Annual Grammy Awards, Press Room, Los Angeles, USA - 10 Feb 2019
image via rollingstone.com

Camila Cabello‘s single “Havana” is now the most streamed female song of all-time.

-R&B singer Kehlani‘s recent mixtape While We Wait is her first mixtape to hit top 10 on Billboard.

-Nicki Minaj has over 100 million followers on Instagram. She’s the only rapper on the platform to achieve this milestone.

I can only imagine what the rest of the year has in store for us. Follow Blondie and the Beat to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in music!






On Repeat: “Just Thought You Should Know” – Betty Who

With the arrival of Betty Who‘s third album, titled Betty, comes 90’s infused pop ballads and dance tunes meant to bring smiles and memories to all who listen. “Just Thought You Should Know” feels retro and emotional; a true standout on one of her shiniest albums to date.

Betty shed light on the song saying, “‘Just Thought You Should Know’ is one of the songs I’m the most proud of in my career. I’m really emotional (duh) and in relationships sometimes it’s impossible to share that with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you, even if they did at one time in your lives.”

She sweetly sings, “I can still feel you, you’re everywhere, I can taste your lips, hear your voice in my head.” Poignant Whitney Houston-esque beats and simple pop chords make this song heartbreakingly magical. Following the typical pop formula, Betty’s voice takes on softer notes and swiftly works her way up to a belted chorus.

Listen for yourself here:

Also watch this gorgeous stripped down version:

Image via rollingstone.com