Music Monday’s: On My Mind

On My Mind

Key Item: Super destroyed legging pants

Key Materials: Nude leathers

Shoe Situation: Nude Raf Simons adidas

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Ellie Goulding’s new single “On My Mind” is spunky, electro pop, reminding us that she can still kill it in the pop scene. After her ballad, “Love Me Like You Do”, Goulding was ready to get back into the pop scene and bring the angst back. “My heart don’t understand why I got you on my mind, you think you know somebody,” repeats throughout the song, making it an instant radio hit. The music video features Goulding putting up with a man who doesn’t treat her right, but for some reason, she can’t stop going back to him and seeing him again and again. In the end, she regains her independence, gliding through the streets, desert, and offices of Las Vegas on a horse with guns, money, a sidekick, and a whole lot of confidence. “On My Mind” is a pop anthem ready to be sung by millions at the top of their lungs.


HOTline Bling covers

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I know when that Hotline Bling, that can only mean one thing…COVERS. Recently, several artists have been hopping on the Drake bandwagon. His song, “Hotline Bling” features a tropical vibe leaving you saying, “Wait, he’s actually singing, he’s not even rapping.” The song is so addicting, I finally get why it’s so hot…get it?

1.) Alessia Cara: This soulful newcomer performs the song acoustic. Her rendition sounds so natural and beautiful, it’s almost impossible to believe it’s actually by Drake. My favorite by far.

2.) Disclosure & Sam Smith: As if you needed another reason to love this triplet. Smith kills the vocals as usual and Disclosure adds a deeper electronic layer to the song. If they released this on iTunes, fans would lose their minds. Absolutely electric.

3.) Charlie Puth & Kehlani: “Hotline Bling” is turned into a piano driven ballad. Puth’s voice is absolutely gorgeous and Kehlani’s harmonies give you instant chills. This duet is as flawless as it gets.

4.) Kalle Mattson: Canadian singer/songwriter transforms “Bling” into a folk-y acoustic guitar driven tune; something you thought you’d never hear. His unique voice takes on each lyric with a punchy tone. Definitely a very cool alternative song to listen to.


The new “1989”

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“Ryan Adams? Who’s that?” -Says almost every teenager this week as Adams’ album 1989 hit the web. When I first heard Ryan Adams was going to be covering Taylor Swift’s entire album, I knew it would be beautiful, because her lyrical content is extremely strong, especially on this album. But I expected a fully acoustic album from start to finish, instead, Adams completely re-vamped each song, truly making it his own.

With Bono-like vocals, 1989 is a little bit country, a little bit rock, and even a little bit folk. Songs like “Style” take on a whole new level of rock, that you don’t hear in your head when listening to Swift’s version. While the uppity “Shake It Off” is transformed into a soft easy-going song that you could sip your Chai Tea too at a nearby corner Starbucks. Soft electric guitars cruise through the entire album with subtle grace and beauty. “Bad Blood” remains almost the exact same but is transformed into an acoustic version, keeping a similar beat.

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I have to applaud Adams, for following what I’d like to call a “passion project”. I can only imagine how difficult this was to work on. You would be constantly reminded of the original versions, which could be extremely distracting.

Adams recently told Zane Lowe on his Apple Music radio show, that he’s been a Swift fan for a while, “A lot of those songs are pretty flawless, they’re so well written, they’re so clean.” His recent divorce with actress/singer Mandy Moore most likely contributed to his newfound love for poetic lyrics, as heard in pretty much every Swift song. Once Adams set his mind to this project, he did it, “I bought a four track cassette recorder and I was like, ‘I’m gonna make 1989 like Nebraska style…Just acoustic guitar, bunch of spring reverb, just me.”

He truly made 1989 his.


Music Monday’s: All I Do

All I do

Key Item: Longline army green sweater

Key Materials: Leather for Fall

Shoe Situation: All black Nike huarache

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Majid Jordan croons, “All I ever do is think of you, too much, you mine, you mine.” R&B beats and Vogue-esque dance tones fill this sultry song up to the brim with good vibes. Bopping your head and shaking your hips will ensue. This Canadian duo, co-founded by friend and fellow artist, Drake are transitioning R&B into a more beautiful experience, adding electronic sounds and echoing vocals to represent the magic behind lead singer, Majid Al Maskati’s voice. “All I Do” is one of their only upbeat songs, that you could actually dance to. It comes off their EP titled A Place Like This, released in 2014. The lasting effects of this song will get stuck in your head, almost in a hypnotizing way. A lot of people don’t know about Majid Jordan, and they should, because the production behind each song is truly something to worship. They are one of the most original sounds in the music scene right now.

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Music Monday’s: Show Me

Show Me

Key Item: Marble printed bomber jacket

Shoe Situation: All white Nike Huarache’s.

Accessory Must: Dior So Real sunnies

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Alina Baraz & Galimatias are the hottest duo in vibey electronics right now, flirting with borderline R&B undertones. Their song “Show Me” comes off of their EP titled Urban Flora. This music is an acquired sound and truly shows how beautiful electronic music can be. “Show Me” possesses dream-like beats (like most of their music). Alina’s vocals are softer than melted butter and pretty much could sing me to sleep for the rest of my life. Spanning a little over four minutes, this song is enough to change your stressed mood to one of tranquility and could almost spike your productivity rate from it’s relaxing musical elements. I have always been a fan of what these two produce, and it’s something that most people don’t know exists so listen and SHARE, so others can feel this musical magic.

Kylie’s Snappin’ Songs!

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If you don’t follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat you NEED to. I don’t care how much you hate the Kardashians, just ignore the pouty selfies and wait for the good music. Her infamous car lip-syncing videos leave me saying, “Wait, what song was that? I like it!”. So thank you to the internet trolls who compile Kylie’s Snapchats and upload them on YouTube; I don’t know how you people do it, but thank you.

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These are just SOME songs I have heard on Kylie’s Snapchat and when you put them together, it’s kind of an awesome playlist you never thought you needed. Most of it is hip-hop based with a couple soft R&B tunes and a lot of low-key rap.

“My Way (feat. Monty)” – Fetty Wap

“Panic Cord (feat. Gabrielle Aplin)” – G Frsh (prod. by Hucci)

“Lil Bit” – K CAMP

“Throwback” – B.O.B

“The Worst” – Jhene Aiko

“Rich $ex” – Future

“Deserve It” – Big Sean

“Deuces” – Chris Brown

“Again” – Fetty Wap

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“Kylie Jenner Freak” – livelikedavis

“Hypnotize” – B.I.G

“Take Ya Tights Off” – Problem

“HotelSixNine (feat. Solomon da God)” – Spooky Black

“How Many Times (feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Tyga)” – DJ Khaled

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“Her” – Majid Jordan

“Treat Me Like Somebody” – Tink

“Drama (feat. Drake)” – Roy Woods


Music Monday’s: “What Do You Mean?”

What do you mean?

Key Item: Beige oversized sweater

Key Materials: Cozy knits

Shoe Situation: Adidas Originals Pro Model

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“What Do You Mean?” solidifies Justin Bieber’s cross into the EDM/Dance world. “Where Are U Now” served as a preview of what he’s trying to do with this next album. “Mean” keeps a soft texture with Bieber’s smooth baby voice singing, “Better make up your mind, what do you mean?” Although the lyrics are back and forth expressing a confusing relationship, the whistling back tones make you bop your head along as if it’s a happy-go-lucky fun anthem. This is without a doubt the right direction for Bieber. He keeps pop-y lyrics and unique generated sounds. A ticking clock is heard throughout the song resembling a lack of patience or time left in the relationship. I think his recent collab with Diplo & Skrillex brought out the best in him, sparking more creative energy for substantial material. I’m excited to hear more of what’s to come.