The new “1989”

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“Ryan Adams? Who’s that?” -Says almost every teenager this week as Adams’ album 1989 hit the web. When I first heard Ryan Adams was going to be covering Taylor Swift’s entire album, I knew it would be beautiful, because her lyrical content is extremely strong, especially on this album. But I expected a fully acoustic album from start to finish, instead, Adams completely re-vamped each song, truly making it his own.

With Bono-like vocals, 1989 is a little bit country, a little bit rock, and even a little bit folk. Songs like “Style” take on a whole new level of rock, that you don’t hear in your head when listening to Swift’s version. While the uppity “Shake It Off” is transformed into a soft easy-going song that you could sip your Chai Tea too at a nearby corner Starbucks. Soft electric guitars cruise through the entire album with subtle grace and beauty. “Bad Blood” remains almost the exact same but is transformed into an acoustic version, keeping a similar beat.

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I have to applaud Adams, for following what I’d like to call a “passion project”. I can only imagine how difficult this was to work on. You would be constantly reminded of the original versions, which could be extremely distracting.

Adams recently told Zane Lowe on his Apple Music radio show, that he’s been a Swift fan for a while, “A lot of those songs are pretty flawless, they’re so well written, they’re so clean.” His recent divorce with actress/singer Mandy Moore most likely contributed to his newfound love for poetic lyrics, as heard in pretty much every Swift song. Once Adams set his mind to this project, he did it, “I bought a four track cassette recorder and I was like, ‘I’m gonna make 1989 like Nebraska style…Just acoustic guitar, bunch of spring reverb, just me.”

He truly made 1989 his.


Music Monday’s: “What Do You Mean?”

What do you mean?

Key Item: Beige oversized sweater

Key Materials: Cozy knits

Shoe Situation: Adidas Originals Pro Model

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“What Do You Mean?” solidifies Justin Bieber’s cross into the EDM/Dance world. “Where Are U Now” served as a preview of what he’s trying to do with this next album. “Mean” keeps a soft texture with Bieber’s smooth baby voice singing, “Better make up your mind, what do you mean?” Although the lyrics are back and forth expressing a confusing relationship, the whistling back tones make you bop your head along as if it’s a happy-go-lucky fun anthem. This is without a doubt the right direction for Bieber. He keeps pop-y lyrics and unique generated sounds. A ticking clock is heard throughout the song resembling a lack of patience or time left in the relationship. I think his recent collab with Diplo & Skrillex brought out the best in him, sparking more creative energy for substantial material. I’m excited to hear more of what’s to come.

Spotlight On: Troye Sivan

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Recently new to the music scene, but no stranger to stardom, Troye Sivan released his EP titled Wild, this past Friday and fans are LOVING every minute of it. Sivan teased them with aesthetically pleasing teasers leading up to the launch of his EP. One video in particular titled “‘BLUE NEIGHBOURHOOD’ TRILOGY TRAILER, BY TROYE SIVAN” gained the most support from fans; “I just broke the replay button”, “HOW IS THERE SO MUCH EMOTION IN 48 SECONDS”, “i’m just letting you know that this only got 1,050,866 views because they’re all me. I’ve watched this so much, they’re all me i swear”, etc… Talk about RAVE REVIEWS.

Check it out for yourself:

Wild features six heavy tracks dealing with young love, coming out, growing up, and strong feelings. Sivan stands for the young wild youth. Eclectic compositions glitter through this EP from start to finish. It’s beautiful to see electronic music having such a strong influence on the pop scene right now. Producing strong unique material is becoming quite popular and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Sivan’s voice is extremely unique. He keeps the innocence of a youngster while his vocal range and quality go far beyond his 20 years. Title track “Wild”, features child-like back-up vocals while keeping the theme of young love with a hint of rebellion; “Running on the music and night highs, but when the light’s out, It’s me and you now.”

Closing track, “DKLA” takes on a different feel. Slightly darker, more intense, using hip-hop beats and more electronics. Not to mention, a verse from hip-hop artist Tkay Maidza. Sivan’s voice is the perfect contrast to the harsh beats surrounding the sultry verses; “Wrapped my thoughts around your mind, wrapped your body on my mind.” “DKLA” deserves to be on every “chill vibes” playlist known to man.

Although Sivan stands strong on his own, he did have some stellar guests add charm to his already enchanting records. Alt group, Broods guest on the song “EASE”. Front woman Georgia Knott’s breath-y vocals blend effortlessly with Troye’s soft harmonies making this record a serious stand-out among the rest.

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For a newcomer, Sivan is doing all the right things and surely making a name for himself in an industry that only gets more competitive day after day. Cheers to that!