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Who You Need: Elley Duhé

Who You Need: Elley Duhé
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WHO: Elley Duhé

WHERE: Mobile, Alabama


TOP SONGS: “Happy Now” w/ Zedd

You might have heard her on Zedd’s latest single “Happy Now”, featuring flawless pop vocals escorted by a quick pop/dance drop (what Zedd does best). Duhé has begun to make a name for herself. Not long after the release of “Now” we heard her solo single, “Way Down Low”. The punchy track is accompanied by the singer’s raspy vocals. “We will survive, we’re gonna see this through,” seems to be the theme of the hopeful track. Duhé has a captivating sound that goes beyond the normal pop realms.

“Way Down Low” is just one part of the 6-track EP just released by the pop singer. The EP, titled Dragon Mentality is feisty, fun, and intense. “Counterfeit” follows a slight hip-hop beat while “$$$$” and “Fever” could charm even the scariest snake. I haven’t heard an EP this unique in a long time.

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The Band Camino’s, “Daphne Blue”

“Daphne Blue” feels a little like Warped Tour and a little like a hot day at the beach. The Band CAMINO keep their unique sound, guitar riffs, and borderline punk vocals. Releasing two songs so far in 2018, it’s safe to say there’s more to come this year.

“Blue” leaves imagery in our mind of a woman in black jeans and a t-shirt, gorgeous as ever, twirling on a bicycle or in a vintage shop; someone the lead singer is lusting after. Lead singer, Jeffrey Jordan sings the harsh words, “You shut the door and cut me open, now I’m wishin’ I was colorblind.” The guitars steal the rest of the song as listeners get thrown into a whirlwind romance.

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Who You Need: Russo

Who You Need: Russo

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WHO: Russo

WHERE: LA, California

GENRE: Rock/Punk

TOP SONGS: “Lonely” and “Ghost”

Lead singer and part-time model Cailin Russo describes Russo’s sound as “fast, honest, and high”. The breakout sound of this LA-based band will bring you back to simpler times filled with youthful energy.

House With A Pool is a diamond in the rough. “Bad Things” is a standout anthem, while “Joyride” provides poetic lyrics in a loving manner. Russo’s voice, similar to the late Amy Winehouse, sings gently, “Joyride, breaks through the night, enjoy the darkness, until we see light”  

“Loudmouth” is edgy, reminiscent of a Kings of Leon b-side. The short and sweet lyrics make Russo feel vintage like an old jacket found at Goodwill; filled with stories. You’re transported to a different time while listening to this album. A time that makes you wanna rebel, drive down a windy road, and sing karaoke in a dark bar.

Cailin recently told HypeBae about the bands future plans, “Next is tours, shows, festivals (not sure how much I can disclose) and hopefully another EP by the end of the year! Lil Christmas gift for y’all.”