Who You Need: Kim Petras


Kim Petras
Image via gaytimes.co.uk

WHO: Kim Petras

WHERE: Cologne, Germany


TOP SONGS: “I Don’t Want It At All”, “Hills”


Petras’ latest single, “Heart To Break” is a bubblegum pop explosion. Releasing killer singles (6, so far) is what she’s been doing best; teasing fans with more and more catchy anthems, even featured on Charli XCX’s latest album Pop 2. 

“It’s describing the part of you that is about to make a mistake and knows you’re making a mistake, but you don’t care because you still want to jump in and do it,” she tells Billboard on the meaning behind “Heart To Break”. The song is infectious as ever, as she belts the chorus in maybe the highest notes possible.

Other singles like, “Hills” and “Slow It Down” show different genre elements Petras has managed to include into her discography. A little bit hip-hop, a little bit electronic; she seems to incorporate whatever she feels and it WORKS. Will we get a full-length album this year? Only time will tell…




Lauv & Love

After the success of “I Like Me Better” and “The Other”, this NYU educated writer/producer has another hit on his hands and in our ears.

Lauv’s falsetto swings high alongside poppy snaps and a catchy overflowing chorus. Although the lyrics are sad, the track feels positive and uplifting. Following suit with the rest of his discography, Lauv’s sound is quite his own; the production is a formula he can’t mess up.

“I tried spending my nights under someone new but the truth is I could spend my whole life getting over you,” is the sad yet sweet sentiment heard on this V-Day record.

Listen here:


Madison Beer’s “Fools”

The latest pop sensation on the rise is Madison Beer. With long dark hair and piercing eyes, her look is as captivating as her sound. Her first EP titled, As She Pleases gives fans what they’ve been desperately waiting for. Beer’s subtle runs and vocal prowess send her on the path to a possible sultry R&B/pop crossover, similar to a young Christina Aguilera.

madison beer
Image via hypebae.com

“Fools” is a standout track on the EP. A punchy vintage beat kicks off the song as the chorus flings your hands in the air like a carefree breakup anthem you so desperately needed. She sings, “Don’t you know, baby? Only fools stick around when the love is gone.” The confidence shines through on this one. Beer prances around the fact that a man is still hung up on her, even though the relationship is over.

The 18-year-old recently told Paper Magazine that she made about 100 songs, but kept scratching them and had a hard time picking what would end up on the EP. “To me, it was really important that anything I was putting out was 100% true to me and had my vibe to it…this stuff now that I’m putting out is the truest representation of who I am and the growth I’ve had and what I’ve gone through.” 

What I’m Listening To!

“So Cool (Acoustic)” – Lauren Giraldo


“Lie” – Shallou feat. Riah

“Dangerous Night” – Thirty Seconds to Mars

“Don’t Get It” – Sky Keller

“Some Time” – Russ

“Just the Same” – Charlotte Lawrence



Who You Need: EDEN


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WHERE: Dublin, Ireland

GENRE: Pop/Alt/Chill

TOP SONGS: “drugs”, “XO”



EDEN caught my attention with his latest song, “take care”. It feels almost too elaborate to consume in one sitting. “Care” takes on several different parts; some ominous, some angry, some empowering. Listening to the rest of his latest album, vertigo, I couldn’t help but analyze the album title more and more.

Vertigo: a sensation of whirling and loss of balance, associated particularly with looking down from a great height.” This definition couldn’t be more fitting for the album. Songs like, “start//end”, “icarius”, and “gold” feel like a bit of a push and pull; an inner monologue finally floating to the surface. Think of early The 1975 minus the rock elements (think 2012’s “Antichrist”). Vertigo is like staring at a painting you’re a little confused about but somehow you find it so beautiful that you can’t look away.

EDEN recently opened up to Pigeons and Planes about his personal life and why he tends to keep himself under the radar. “I’ve always just done what I wanted to do…I see how some other artists use social media, and it’s just not for me. For a long time I didn’t even have my face on the internet because I just wanted it to be a music thing, not about me as a person…at one point I just updated my Twitter profile picture. I just decided to let go.” 

In a time where social media can carry someone’s image to a whole new level, EDEN is about to blow up. Especially after the immensely creative release of vertigo.