Who You Need: Ta-Ku

photo via facebook.com/takugotbeats.com
photo via facebook.com/takugotbeats.com

Sometimes you just find music that completely speaks to you. That’s what it felt like when I found Ta-Ku. I was like ummmm, where have you been all my life? (stuffs chocolate and wine into my open mouth as I listen to Songs to Make Up To). It’s an eclectic mix that I’m sure only certain people are into but there’s one thing you can’t deny; it’s beauty. These are love songs and they are mind-blowingly good.

Ta-Ku is a musician from Perth, Australia. He started back in 2011 with an EP titled KT. His most recent album, Songs to Make Up To, serves almost as a sequel to Songs to Break Up To, which was released in 2013. When I heard these two, I thought it was the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. The songs truly live up to the title in the craziest ways. Both keeping an electronic/R&B based sound with incredible musicality. Songs to Break Up To, could almost be playing in the background as a couple fights about how they don’t make time for each other anymore, or how he’s never home for dinner, or she’s always late. The intense musical elements spark visuals in your brain, almost as if you could create your own music video just from listening.

photo via uproxx.com
photo via uproxx.com

Songs to Make Up To, is even more delightful to listen to. The song names are a true indication of what magic is about to happen: “Hopeful”, “Love Again”, “Trust Me”, “Long Time, No See”, “Sunrise/Beautiful”, “Fall4You”, “Work In Progress”, and “Down For You”. Every song makes you think of beautiful things in life and that’s how they make you feel too.

One thing that makes Ta-Ku different is that his style is unpredictable, a song can shift into something completely separate from what you just heard and it still cohesively fits together somehow; it’s incredible. “Love Again” (Feat. JMSN & Sango) is a clear masterpiece off this album. Repetitive piano chords, intoxicating vocals, and a clap beat dances in your brain making you want to make up with someone, ANYONE. The song, spanning over 5 minutes is borderline heavenly. Not to mention, the dope hip-hop drag at the end making it a true Ta-Ku song. Most songs are led with no or minimal vocals and it totally works, which is a skill in itself.

Check out this live performance of “Love Again”:

The truth is, I have too many good things to say about Ta-Ku and the way he’s building his music. It’s intricate, intoxicating, powerful, and immensely captivating. Something every artist should be trying to achieve. Touché to you Ta-Ku. Cheers to being a delicious musical force.



Music Monday’s: Hello


Key Item: Tan trench coat

Shoe Situation: Adidas Superstar’s

image via: musicbusinessworldwide.com
image via: musicbusinessworldwide.com

“Hello, it’s me, I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet, to go over everything. they say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing.” Oh Adele, honey… These lyrics are killing me! Adele is back and she means business. Releasing her single “Hello”, and the music video for it all at once only left the human population in desperate need of more. Good thing she announced the name and release date of her new album; 25, Nov. 20. This ballad slowly builds into an intense chorus where she sings, “Hello from the other side, I must’ve called a thousand times…” The sepia-toned music video follows Adele through what looks to be an abandoned house as she shakes off the dust of what once was a blossoming relationship then somehow fell apart (shout out to the hunky Tristan Wilds). Adele’s cries to her lover cut to the core yet somehow make you hit the replay button. Billboard.com reports that “Hello” already sold 450,000 in it’s first two days of being released. It could end up being the largest ever U.S. digital sales week for a song. Cheers to Adele, she is back!

Music Video Roundup!

The latest music videos to hit the web!

1.) “Hotline Bling” – Drake

Groovy dancing and big booty women make this a classic Drake video. He goes for the minimalistic approach, using neon backdrops, large empty boxes, and geometric shapes to get his point across; “You used to call me on my cell phone.”


2.) “Waves” – Miguel

Miguel lets you dive into his psydalelic hippie R&B dream filled with sweaty dancing, lots of liquor, and cheetah print? (Only Miguel can make that look sexy anymore). Colorful explosions of party lights highlight the dance vibe of the song, making it one of Miguel’s catchiest to date.

3.) “Magnets” – Disclosure feat. Lorde

As if Lorde wasn’t cool enough, we see her wearing a long flowing villain-like cape/dress as she seduces a taken man into her arms. But stay tuned… she gets her revenge. This is the badass side of Lorde that we all love, not to mention, her quirky dancing gets its own scene near the end; you know you like it.

4.) “E Più Ti Penso” – Andrea Bocelli & Ariana Grande

Andrea Bocelli has one of the greatest voices of all time and Ariana’s voice is absolutely precious on this song. Grand landscapes and timeless moving portraits create the most exquisite music video I’ve seen in a long time.

5.) “Something In the Way You Move” – Ellie Goulding

Goulding’s newest single is catchy as hell. Although this isn’t the actual music video, it might as well be. The energy of what looks to be, Goulding’s most talented fans, is captured on a black and white filter as the lyrics grace the screen in lavender and pale blue colors. Cool mirrored effects prove how gorgeous this song really is.

6.) “Talk Me Down” -Troye Sivan

I will never not be obsessed with Troye. His Blue Neighbourhood music video series was generated in the most beautiful way. “Talk Me Down” is the third and last installment. It also serves as the most emotional video yet, taking place in a graveyard during a funeral. Gloomy skies and Troye’s loving eyes show the pure power of a loving friendship.


Music Monday’s: Kamikaze


Key Item: Gold-tinted turtle neck

Key Materials: Ripped-stone washed denim

Shoe Situation: Raf Simons Adidas Superstar

image via: consequenceofsound.net
image via: consequenceofsound.net

You’ve heard her on “Lean On” by Major Lazer, and “Beg For It” with Iggy Azalea, but now MØ is on her own with her latest single, “Kamikaze”. Of course, produced by friend and dance master of the moment, Diplo. This song proves to be the next big thing on the radio. Her unique vocals are sassy, fun, and cool to listen to. A hip-hop beat pounds beneath the simple pop lyrics, “take me to the party, kamikaze, blame it on the buzz.” The dance genre is quickly blending into most pop songs these days as we’ve heard on “Cool for the Summer” and Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” Is this where pop is headed? I sure hope so, because it is absolutely infectious.

All the Colors of Michael Blume

photo via pausemusicale.com
photo via pausemusicale.com

With rhythm like Miguel, a voice like Frank Ocean, and lyrics like Chet Faker, Michael Blume has created his own path that is new age and worth hearing.

After the release of his first single, “Manufactured Love” I knew I would be in love with this man; I was right. His natural vibrato-infused voice ignites a musical fire inside your soul. Everything about him is hypnotizingly cool. Once you start listening, you can’t stop.

His latest single, “Colors” is slightly more upbeat than his previous. “All of the colors are bleeding from my head, all the colors paint a picture in my head,” are the poetic lyrics heard on this pretty tune. Blume blends R&B beats with alternative lyrics and melodies to create something extremely unique. “Colors” resembles a relationship which includes mistakes, drunk texting, imperfections, and much more. The song builds to a gorgeous outro sung by a heavenly choir. Music just doesn’t get any better than this.

Listen to “Colors” here:


I can’t wait to hear more from Michael Blume. His talent is rare in the purest form.


Music Monday’s: R U MINE 



Key Item: Layering neutrals with a classic leather jacket

Key Materials: Neutrals

Shoe Situation: Classic black Converse

photo via facebook.com photo via facebook.com

“R U MINE (SteLouse Remix)” is a lyrically driven dance track. The vocals are feminine and captivating. Rozes sings, “I’m terrified to tell you what’s on my mind, but it eats me up, there’s a reason why I keep it all inside.” “MINE” couldn’t be more beautiful especially the heavenly chorus, pounding beat and don’t forget that DROP. Thick bass plague’s this song in the most appealing way. Verses almost serve as hymns to a story about confusion and insecurity in a relationship. Pleading vocals truly make this song as epic as it is. It’s becoming more and more clear that lyrically driven dance tunes make a serious mark in the heads of music fans.

Writing’s On the Wall

image via directlyrics.com
image via directlyrics.com

Sam Smith was born to sing. He was also born to sing a James Bond theme song. I am convinced of this and I believe it is a fact. His single, “Writing’s On the Wall” could not be more flawless.

In classic bond fashion, it has a timeless musical element that literally takes your breath away. Smith’s voice does all the work as he soothes you into a Bondcoma, craving to see Daniel Craig make sweet love to a scantily clad female on a grand piano.

A string section is a must with the Bond franchise, not to mention the highest caliber of poetic lyrics; “A million shards of glass, that haunt me from my past, as the stars begin to gather.” Every James Bond song seems like it’s constructed around a table of professional song writers who have experienced every emotion in the world and pour it all out in an almost five minute song for the world to appreciate and cry to.

The music video features Smith standing in aesthetically pleasing places, creating an epic vision of heartbreak and love. The positioning is perfectly placed, the movie scenes are magical, inquisitive, and sultry. “Wall” has a slight melancholy feel to it that the music video hints at quite beautifully in a blockbuster/theatre grand fashion. This song WILL be nominated for everything.

God Bless Sam Smith.

gif via giphy.com
gif via giphy.com