Music Monday’s: R U MINE 



Key Item: Layering neutrals with a classic leather jacket

Key Materials: Neutrals

Shoe Situation: Classic black Converse

photo via photo via

“R U MINE (SteLouse Remix)” is a lyrically driven dance track. The vocals are feminine and captivating. Rozes sings, “I’m terrified to tell you what’s on my mind, but it eats me up, there’s a reason why I keep it all inside.” “MINE” couldn’t be more beautiful especially the heavenly chorus, pounding beat and don’t forget that DROP. Thick bass plague’s this song in the most appealing way. Verses almost serve as hymns to a story about confusion and insecurity in a relationship. Pleading vocals truly make this song as epic as it is. It’s becoming more and more clear that lyrically driven dance tunes make a serious mark in the heads of music fans.

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