Ellie Goulding’s “Delirium”

photo: hamadamania.com
photo: hamadamania.com

Delirium: A state of violent excitement or emotion.”

AKA, what we all are feeling after listening to Ellie Goulding’s new album Delirium. Pop takes the front seat, and Goulding’s vocals keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. Pulling off a 16-track album is hard (21 on the deluxe version!), but Ellie does it and does it real good. Calling this a comeback is an understatement.

Happy-go-lucky hooks, heavy dance beats, and simple lyrics are Ellie’s forte. She has perfected pop in her own way. But, we knew this was coming. We all felt the electricity of her “Fifty Shades of Grey” contribution, “Love Me Like You Do”, which is also featured on the album. Then she brought back her dance vibe with “On My Mind” and “Something In The Way You Move” and her simplistic beauty on “Army”. Releasing a new single every week for the past month made fans more and more hyped for Delirium.

The secret ingredient behind this album could be from the helping hand of musical genius, Max Martin. Martin helped Goulding on “On My Mind” and also “Love Me Like You Do”. His specialty? Pop. Ever heard of Taylor Swift? Yeah…

Delirium is amazingly upbeat in the coolest ways. A lot of electronic and dance influences are heard. Which is expected from someone who used to date electronic King, Skrillex, and who’s worked alongside dance demolishers, Diplo and Calvin Harris.

Photo: fuse.tv
Photo: fuse.tv

“Codes” is radio ready any day now. Everyone can relate to this song, Ellie just makes it possible to dance to our confusing feelings. “Stop talking in codes, let me know what’s up…I need a love to celebrate,” is sung in a punchy tone as the chorus slowly becomes engraved into your skull. “Don’t Need Nobody” is on the same jam-level. It could easily be a club banger. We hear Ellie a lot harder than we’ve heard her before. A sick hip-hop sound proves she can really get down. “Nobody” is simple lyrically but the musicality is on-point with today’s music scene. While, “Don’t Panic” touches more on Ellie’s dance side, taking hints from pop/dance experts like, Walk the Moon.

A standout gem on the album is, “Army” written about Goulding’s best friend she met in college. She let her fans know why she wrote this song and how much it means to her by a post on her Instagram when the song was released.

army ellie

“Army” is guided by a guitar in the beginning but slowly builds into a glorious ballad providing gospel-like lyrics: “When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army.” Goulding’s vocals are in their usual pretty wavering state as she climbs into the nooks and crannies of every single note in the most facile way. This is definitely my new favorite ballad by Ellie. Hello, wedding song, anyone?? Another emotional yet upbeat song is “Lost and Found” reminiscent of something you would hear on an old Fleetwood Mac album. Proof that Goulding still knows how to keep things light and fun.

Watch this live version of “Army” performed at Abbey Road Studios.

Delirium is a big YES. Cheers Ellie, you’ve managed to knock my socks off yet again.


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