Music YouTube Picks!

I’ve now watched this 1989238823 times:


Love how raw and real Hayley Williams is here:


Ellie Goulding is BACK in a big way….featuring Blackbear:


Love the intense camera work in this video. Also, love OneRepublic:


Ashe is a true gem, and her honesty is something to admire:



Ellie Goulding’s “Delirium”


Delirium: A state of violent excitement or emotion.”

AKA, what we all are feeling after listening to Ellie Goulding’s new album Delirium. Pop takes the front seat, and Goulding’s vocals keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. Pulling off a 16-track album is hard (21 on the deluxe version!), but Ellie does it and does it real good. Calling this a comeback is an understatement.

Happy-go-lucky hooks, heavy dance beats, and simple lyrics are Ellie’s forte. She has perfected pop in her own way. But, we knew this was coming. We all felt the electricity of her “Fifty Shades of Grey” contribution, “Love Me Like You Do”, which is also featured on the album. Then she brought back her dance vibe with “On My Mind” and “Something In The Way You Move” and her simplistic beauty on “Army”. Releasing a new single every week for the past month made fans more and more hyped for Delirium.

The secret ingredient behind this album could be from the helping hand of musical genius, Max Martin. Martin helped Goulding on “On My Mind” and also “Love Me Like You Do”. His specialty? Pop. Ever heard of Taylor Swift? Yeah…

Delirium is amazingly upbeat in the coolest ways. A lot of electronic and dance influences are heard. Which is expected from someone who used to date electronic King, Skrillex, and who’s worked alongside dance demolishers, Diplo and Calvin Harris.


“Codes” is radio ready any day now. Everyone can relate to this song, Ellie just makes it possible to dance to our confusing feelings. “Stop talking in codes, let me know what’s up…I need a love to celebrate,” is sung in a punchy tone as the chorus slowly becomes engraved into your skull. “Don’t Need Nobody” is on the same jam-level. It could easily be a club banger. We hear Ellie a lot harder than we’ve heard her before. A sick hip-hop sound proves she can really get down. “Nobody” is simple lyrically but the musicality is on-point with today’s music scene. While, “Don’t Panic” touches more on Ellie’s dance side, taking hints from pop/dance experts like, Walk the Moon.

A standout gem on the album is, “Army” written about Goulding’s best friend she met in college. She let her fans know why she wrote this song and how much it means to her by a post on her Instagram when the song was released.

army ellie

“Army” is guided by a guitar in the beginning but slowly builds into a glorious ballad providing gospel-like lyrics: “When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army.” Goulding’s vocals are in their usual pretty wavering state as she climbs into the nooks and crannies of every single note in the most facile way. This is definitely my new favorite ballad by Ellie. Hello, wedding song, anyone?? Another emotional yet upbeat song is “Lost and Found” reminiscent of something you would hear on an old Fleetwood Mac album. Proof that Goulding still knows how to keep things light and fun.

Watch this live version of “Army” performed at Abbey Road Studios.

Delirium is a big YES. Cheers Ellie, you’ve managed to knock my socks off yet again.


Music Video Roundup!


A musical bomb went off and when it exploded a gazillion music videos fell to the Earth. Here’s a couple that were released recently!

1.) “Omen” by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith: Ok…you guys. I have been waiting for this song to hit the web for FOREVER. It’s everything I thought it would be and more. Hypnotizing beats and Smith’s perfected falsetto is all I need in this world. The video plays along with the current storyline Disclosure has been working on. I don’t quite understand every part of it, but it seems like different characters have different special powers and it takes place in a different country. Smith croons in the middle of a sepia toned sweaty club as dancers grind and “almost” kiss around him. We see professional dancers, slo-mo fingers combing through damp hair, and several intense pairs of hoop earrings. YAS.

2.) “All Eyes On You” by Meek Mill feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown: Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing plush mansion with Nicki Minaj sprawled out in a bodycon on the couch?!? I’m not usually a big Meek Mill fan but this song is so so good (Chris Brown’s heavy chorus helps..) The truth is, you didn’t think you liked Nicki and Meek together until you see this video. It’s almost as if they were like “Bring some cameras and hang out with us for a couple days.” Looks like the two of them send sultry glances at each other all day long, followed by flirty booty grabs here and there. Not to mention, she wears a denim bikini in the pool…DENIM.

3.) “Powerful” by Major Lazer feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley: I actually was not a fan of this song when I first listened to it on the Major Lazer album but after watching the video I really love it. Goulding is seen in a coffee shop working some magic on the coffee and silverware in front of her. Riley is seen doing the same, with some spare change on his table. Lights flicker, the TV glitches, and forks bend as the power of love takes over. Goulding begins to wreak havoc on the diner with a solemn look on her face as her perfectly beach tousled hair falls in front of her face (why does her hair always look so PERFECT?!). Definitely shows the more emotional side of Major Lazer, but still a fantastic song.

4.) “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd: Abel’s half closed eyes grace our screen as he serenades us into an 80’s pop dream we never thought we needed. The video portrays him as a crazy good karaoke contestant at a flashy bar where the people really start to feel the song… #goodvibes all around. The music video really takes a turn for the weird when an old man throws his lighter at The Weeknd, lighting him on fire, which surprisingly just makes him dance and sing even harder. COOL.

-Abbey 🙂

Fifty Shades of YES!

No, I haven’t read the books. No, I probably won’t. So don’t ask me. But…. THE FIFTY SHADES OF GREY SOUNDTRACK IS COMING OUT.

You guys, this is going to be the most EPIC soundtrack. It’s going to be released on Feb. 10th and the hype is unreal. I love soundtracks so much, especially when they are so beautifully done, like I assume this one is. The track listing has finally been released on iTunes and I have been obsessing over it ever since.

If you’re up to date, you’ve probably already heard the exquisite song “Earned It” by The Weeknd. This song could not be more divine if it had to be. A beautiful orchestra accompanies the subtle sensual vocals of singer Abel Tesfaye as he croons, “cause girl you’re perfect/ you’re always worth it/ and you deserve it/ the way you work it.” Tesfaye recently stated in a behind the scenes video for “Earned It” that his music and Fifty Shades of Grey are a “match made in heaven.” He also said, “If you listen to my album, even the past work I’ve done, it’s very Fifty Shades of Grey” which could be why he not only has one song on the soundtrack but two; the second is titled “Where You Belong”. Not to mention, Tesfaye’s falsetto literally could make any grown woman melt into a warm puddle. The music video for “Earned It” was just released and if you’re mentally prepared you can watch it below:

Another artist who was granted more than one song on the album…BEYONCE. Duh.

She lends her vocal prowess to her own songs, including a new remix of “Haunted” from her self titled album Beyoncé. “Haunted” happens to be one of my favorites off the Beyoncé, because of its diverse electronic sound mixed with heavy bass and monotonic vocals dealing with the pressures of life and later shifting into a fast paced fantasy. As usual, “Haunted” also has a strong amount of sex appeal; “You want me?/ I walk down the hallway/ You’re lucky/ The bedroom’s my runway/ Slap me/ I’m pinned to the doorway…” you get the point. This song werkkkkks.

Beyoncé also brings one of her classics back to life. That’s right, they are calling it “Crazy In Love” (the 2014 remix). If you’ve seen the trailer for Fifty Shades, you’ve probably already drooled over how flawless this song sounds (pun intended). Beyoncé slows down the song and brings a more romantic feel with muffled vocals and what sounds to be like a full orchestra accentuating every half whispered note escaping her lips. Here’s the trailer featuring the song, if you haven’t already seen it:

Sia makes an appearance on this album singing a song called “Salted Wound” which I can only predict is probably emotional perfection to the ears and I absolutely can’t wait to hear it.

Ellie Goulding comes back with her fairy-like vocals spreading the message of “Love Me Like You Do” in a powerful pop ballad with truly stunning lyrics. The video (released today) has footage from the movie and also shows Goulding with her usual gorgeous blonde waves caressing the camera with every angle. Check it out:

This album not only dabbles into a recent musical trough of artists, but revisits the past with classics like, “Beast of Burden” by The Rolling Stones, “I Put A Spell On You” covered by Annie Lennox, and “Witchcraft” by the incomparable Frank Sinatra. These songs will give the album a more wholesome feel, proving love songs can de diverse whilst still making a cinematic impact in the year of 2015. Being a Sinatra fan my whole life, I can only imagine where “Witchcraft” will fit into this movie (insert excited heart eyes emoji here). And “Beast of Burden” is probably one of the sexiest songs of the late 70’s. With lyrics like, “I’ll never be your beast of burden/ So let’s go home and draw the curtains/ Music on the radio/ Come on baby make sweet love to me.” I think it’ll fit in just fine…

Other songs feature the sweet Jessie Ware, powerful AWOLNATION, talented Skylar Grey, newcomers Vaults, soulful Laura Welsch, and composer Danny Elfman.

February 10th, sit back and listen to this album.


Evergreen is everlasting

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You may have never heard of the band “Broods” but you are about to. This electro pop infused alternative band are unique in their own way. Made up of brother and sister duo Georgia and Caleb Nott, hailing from New Zealand. Georgia’s voice emulates other fantastic performers like Ellie Goulding and Lorde, while Caleb plays multiple instruments and provides back up vocals.

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Their debut album “Evergreen” was recently released and it is fantastic (for lack of a better word.) Broods’ sound is infused with bass, electronic synths, and some piano chords. A darker vibe haunts the album as you hear on the title track “Evergreen”. The song talks about overcoming your fears, feeling infinite, and maybe going steady with someone?

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Their lyrics are so genius that you wish you wrote them yourself:

-“Since we decided to be infinite, there’s no ending and there’s no fear.” (“Evergreen”)

-“It’s where my heart was made, and my feet will always land.” (“Mother & Father”)

-“I wanna make you feel how I feel when I’m listening to love songs, I wanna take you to the peak of everything that you are.” (“Four Walls”)

This album was created in five weeks…FIVE. Are you freaking kidding me? I wish I had that amount of focus and talent. To compile something so raw, powerful, and beautiful in that amount of time is mind blowing. Props to these two for really showing their work ethic.

One of the stand out tracks on the album is “Four Walls”. It’s a gorgeous and incredibly human homage to true love as Georgia’s voice sweetly sings “You’re everything I need tonight.” Piano chords and airy background harmonies tell the story of falling in love in a matter of three and a half minutes.

Maybe there’s something in the water abroad that is not on our American soil. It seems that some of the greatest talent comes from somewhere else. Well, I’m not complaining.

These siblings also have a knack for making the most visually appealing music videos. Combining compelling imagery, hipster vibes, and colorful backdrops in the most artistic way. They also show their simplistic side in the video for “Mother & Father”. The video is shot in black and white as we see Georgia dancing around to the beat wearing a classic black get up complete with bad ass 90’s chokers. The emotional impact this song has is felt through the simple video.

Broods are on a truly magnetic path to success, so go check them out!