Blackbear Navigates Relationships and Adulthood

drink bleach
R&B/ Hip-Hop spittin’ new hit man, Blackbear is back with a new EP, titled Drink Bleach. Despite the title, I have to say, this EP feels different. It’s older and slightly more mature. Bleach seems to be about moving on, realizations, and clarity. Not only are the lyrics more appealing this time, but his sound is evolving as well. Pop takes the lead on this EP. 

One of the standout tracks, “Something Real” explores teenage nostalgia with adulthood decision making. Blackbear croons, “But maybe we were too young, too young to feel something real.” He goes back in time to a relationship that could’ve worked, but now never will. A consistent pop beat plays in the background while Blackbear explores with more synth and electronic sounds, straying from his usual R&B swag. This suits him well, while still keeping his unique half sing/rapping style. 

Bear pulls Mike Posner out of the rap shadows for the melancholy, “Obvious.” A sad song that deals explicitly with the end of a relationship. “Girl, I can’t f**k with you anymore” Blackbear croons with delayed sadness. You feel for the man as the chorus honestly spits, “Let’s just state the obvious, you’re done with me and I’m done with you.” Posner gives the song the soft rap kick it needed without being too aggressive. The electro-breakdown at the end makes you hopeful that Blackbear will stick to this fresh and different sound.

bear posner
Blackbear and Posner work on “Obvious” (Image:
Women still prove to be a driving force for Blackbear’s musical content. The dance-y “Shake Ya Ass” will make you sing every word (even if the lyrics are slightly vulgare.) While “Girls Like You” reminisces on being scorned by too many women.

 I couldn’t be happier about this EP. I like that Blackbear strayed from his usual drug-induced stupor and stepped out with something much different. He’s still R&B but with a twinge of electro-pop, which fits into the slightly tame lyrics. Drink Bleach is pretty cool.


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