Music Monday’s: Better


Key Item: Gold shirt

Key Materials: Ripped Denim

Shoe Situation: All black Vans

Accessory Must: Gold So Real Dior sunnies

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image via:

“I can love you better than she can,” are the words achingly sung from Banks’ quivering lips as she serenades her coven of fans with her newest single, “Better”. I know I preach a lot about Banks, because I think she is one of the most iconic and unique faces in the music industry right now. NOTHING can be compared to Banks. I will wave her flag forever. Accompanied by a visually stunning music video where Banks’ body is donned in rough gold makeup as she cries out every single lyric. “Better” is nothing without her insanely magnetic vocals. Her raspy voice tells a compelling story as backup vocals chant for dramatic effect against a subtle smooth electro sound until the chorus hits and you feel a massive explosion. “Better” makes you step back and say “Woah, this is seriously something.” You need a moment to process what you just heard. The raw emotion is overwhelmingly alluring; one of Banks’ specialties.

Abbey & Seth

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