BANKS Releases New Single, “Look What You’re Doing To Me”

In BANKS’ second single off her upcoming album, we hear a different vibe from the singer than we’re used to. A strong electro hook leads “Look What You’re Doing To Me” to be one of her most upbeat songs to date. While Banks continues to keep her moody and poetic lyrics, fellow singer/songwriter Francis and the Lights lends a hand (and voice) to this new spunky single.

“Look What You’re Doing To Me” seems to stray from BANKS‘ usual stream of conscious lyrical format (listen to The Altar start to finish) and shifts to a more call & response lyrical structure. Her voice is as powerful as ever, almost sounding strained in some verses as she explains her feelings towards a lover she can’t seem to resist. “Then you give me one more, heavenly eyes, I’m dying for, why you just looking me over?” she sings in a painful yet electric tone.

Listen for yourself below:



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Chamomile. It’s the name of one of my most beloved playlists. It literally means calm, healing, relaxing, etc. It’s what everyone needs a dose of. So in the mornings when I get up before the sun and can’t stand to turn a light on, I throw on some music. Or when I am on my way home from work and the sun is peeking right behind the wintry clouds, I throw on my Chamomile. Or on Saturday morning when I’m making bacon and eggs in my snowflake PJ’s, I turn up the Chamomile. It’s the perfect way to make a moment better. Here are some artists that are always on my Chamomile playlist.




James Vincent McMorrow


His angelic voice lingers so far in your head, you can’t ever get it out. “Cavalier” builds into something poetic, that makes you cry in the best way. His voice barely mumbles, “speak until the dust, settles in the same specific way” making you feel as if  you’re already under his spell.


The Head and the Heart

Pack up the granola, converse, and best friends. The Head and the Heart teach us to be adventurous while falling in love with everything around us. Harmonic symphonies of stories prance through every track delicately touching sadness and happiness with the prettiest of acoustic tones. “Winter Song” warms your soul as much as the hot cocoa in your hand. Curl up and feel the warmth.





Need I say more? But it’s the old ones that comfort me the most. The stand-alone romantic, “Green Eyes,” insanely gorgeous, “Sparks,” and the break-up tune, “Warning Sign.” Rich acoustics echo the lyrics flawlessly, making you fall in love with Chris Martin over and over again. Coldplay never ceases to make you feel.



His lackadaisical vocals and slight tinge of folk sets him apart from other alt musicians. “Like Real People Do” is a standout among the rest off his debut album. A quirky guitar melody and “hoo-ing” backup vocals make you rest your head and drift away. The day he records a lullaby album will be the best day of my life.




Jarryd James


Soulful falsetto packs a punch in every track off James’ album High. “Cross my heart and hope to try, I know that tears may fall, but you know I can’t help it,” he sings emotionally. Raw lyrics stripped to the core are James’ specialty, and he does it well. One of the most calm people I’ve ever seen live. His aura is mystical.



We all know I love her. I will never be sick of her. She’s perfect. Her vocals have power when needed and perfection when desired. In first hit, “Change” she sings, “Baby don’t goI didn’t knowI’ll change I swearI’ll change I swear.” Never shying away from her honesty has made Banks a huge force in the alt scene. She is unlike any other artist out there.






Music Mondays: “To the Hilt”

To The Hilt


Key Item: Destroyed button down

Color Concepts: Dark color combinations

Shoe Situation: Black derby shoe


The buildup to Banks’ sophomore album is only becoming more painful for fans. Her latest single, “To the Hilt” proves to be another emotional piano ballad where Banks’ relaxed tone once again wows. Her lyrics remain as poetic as ever as she reflects on a love she once had, “All those times you warmed my hand, maybe things weren’t easy as they seem.” All Banks needs is a piano and microphone to prove her endless musicality. To the Altar can’t come soon enough and I’m already bowing down to her.

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