Banks Builds Her Altar

“Do you see me now?” she purrs on her latest single “Mind Games”


Banks recently revealed her sophomore album, The Altar will be released September 30. Following her classic black and white theme, the freckle faced singer is seen sans makeup, posing at the camera with a serious glance, much like her demeanor. If her lead single “Fuck With Myself” is any indication of what’s to come on Altar, fans are in for a saucy treat.

“Myself” starts out poetic; “I got two diamonds and a feather, gimme three reasons why we ain’t together, I push my body through the floor like, cause I fuck with myself more than anybody else.” Banks describes the title saying, “I wanted to convey that I am my own best friend. That I believe in myself and that I don’t care what others think. It can also mean I mess with myself more than anybody else. We can be our own bullies and our own biggest champions.” The accompanying music video takes a literal interpretation of the song.

Banks has always been known for her lyrical vulnerability writing about past toxic relationships with others and herself (listen to new singles, “Mind Games” and “Gemini Feed”) But the unique blend of R&B and electronica are what keep her fresh and modern. Phrases like, “And to think you would get me to the altar, like I follow you around like a dog that needs water,” illustrate a long-term relationship through creative metaphors – one of Banks’ many specialties. Songwriting is a huge strong suit for the singer, which is why each song is performed to perfection and executed with the highest production.

She seems to carry a mysterious aura around her that fans worship while her spilling sense of honesty remains empowering. The Altar will be like sitting in a church pew and watching a relationship succeed and fail right in front of you as the most beautiful light from a stained glass windows warms your inner thigh.






Music Mondays: “Mind Games”

Mind Games


Key Item: Embroidered bomber jacket

Color Concepts: Black and white with a color pop

Shoe Situation: Lug soul shoes


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Hallowed haunting masculine vocals morph into Banks’ cat call to a man who would “love her better if she couldn’t screw.” Her third single off sophomore album The Altar proves to be just as honest as the rest. Banks writes on Twitter, saying, “I’m excited to share this with you. Writing it was a really important step for me in making this album…It makes me feel exposed putting it into the universe but see me now.” Her final words hint at the chorus of “Games” where the angst-y crooner sings, “Do you see me now?” Empowering electronics blend the harsh themes into a beautiful ballad you can’t help but love.

music mondays

Music Monday’s: Better


Key Item: Gold shirt

Key Materials: Ripped Denim

Shoe Situation: All black Vans

Accessory Must: Gold So Real Dior sunnies

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“I can love you better than she can,” are the words achingly sung from Banks’ quivering lips as she serenades her coven of fans with her newest single, “Better”. I know I preach a lot about Banks, because I think she is one of the most iconic and unique faces in the music industry right now. NOTHING can be compared to Banks. I will wave her flag forever. Accompanied by a visually stunning music video where Banks’ body is donned in rough gold makeup as she cries out every single lyric. “Better” is nothing without her insanely magnetic vocals. Her raspy voice tells a compelling story as backup vocals chant for dramatic effect against a subtle smooth electro sound until the chorus hits and you feel a massive explosion. “Better” makes you step back and say “Woah, this is seriously something.” You need a moment to process what you just heard. The raw emotion is overwhelmingly alluring; one of Banks’ specialties.

Abbey & Seth

Music Monday’s: 1998


 Key Item: Printed shirt
Key Materials: Distressed knit-cotton blend

Shoe Situation: Simple all black shoe

A rework of alt/electro artist Chet Faker’s “1998” features the sultry-sassy Banks for a killer collab made for those late night summer drives. Heavy electronics are plaguing this song in the best way possible. Faker sings, “We used to be friends, we used to be inner circle, I don’t understand, what have I become to you.” The song reflects on people growing apart, something almost every human being can identify with. Banks swings in on the second verse making the song sound like it could easily be hers. Her echoing voice near the end of the song truly makes “1998” sound like another piece of her Goddess puzzle while Faker always keeps it real with subtle electronics and artistic lyrics.

Music Monday’s: And I Drove You Crazy

Drove You Crazy

Key Item: Leather moto jacket

Key Materials: Leather

Shoe Situation: Classic black chelsea boot

Accessory Must: Leather snap back

Banks is the epitome of sassiness. Her debut album Goddess let out every single emotion one could feel about love and loss. “And I Drove You Crazy” is a slow vibe-driven song about confusion and being mislead. We’ve all felt it, “What are you looking for? Wanted to be your girl, and anything you wanted, baby I tried to be.” Banks’ sultry voice builds to an electronic heavy chorus with layered backup vocals to emphasize “I drove you crazy”. You immediately picture a fight between a couple, maybe a couple shoes are being thrown, but there’s also a subtle plea filtered throughout the song. Desperation for love and what she wants it to be and feel like. Banks seems to be in her own genre, every song has layered electronics, while keeping an R&B slow beat as her voice compliments all of it in the most beautiful way.
-Abbey ❤