Music Monday’s: And I Drove You Crazy

Drove You Crazy

Key Item: Leather moto jacket

Key Materials: Leather

Shoe Situation: Classic black chelsea boot

Accessory Must: Leather snap back

Banks is the epitome of sassiness. Her debut album Goddess let out every single emotion one could feel about love and loss. “And I Drove You Crazy” is a slow vibe-driven song about confusion and being mislead. We’ve all felt it, “What are you looking for? Wanted to be your girl, and anything you wanted, baby I tried to be.” Banks’ sultry voice builds to an electronic heavy chorus with layered backup vocals to emphasize “I drove you crazy”. You immediately picture a fight between a couple, maybe a couple shoes are being thrown, but there’s also a subtle plea filtered throughout the song. Desperation for love and what she wants it to be and feel like. Banks seems to be in her own genre, every song has layered electronics, while keeping an R&B slow beat as her voice compliments all of it in the most beautiful way.
-Abbey ❤

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