Jake Miller Is A Man

Jake Miller admits to radio host Elvis Duran that he made this entire album himself. He wrote most of 2:00am In LA two steps away from his bed at his microphone and keyboard. A friend helped him drag a bed out to the middle of a street in downtown LA where they took pictures for the album cover. “I wanted to make sure the album didn’t have any pretty boy pictures of me on the cover. I wanted it to be more about the music” he told Duran. “It’s my favorite album cover we’ve ever done.”

jake miller
Image via postfontaine.com

2:00am In LA dropped and then climbed the charts immediately. Miller took to Snapchat thanking fans for making it happen. He spent his release day celebrating with family and friends. It’s easy to see; he’s happy. Although this is a breakup album, Miller fills it with every element of the good and the bad. “Sleeping with Strangers” is a reality check about moving on while “Parties” reflects on a new lifestyle after heartbreak.

Curated pop is an easy way to describe this collection. Each track feels carefully thought out and put together; call it a passion project if you will. “Can’t Help Myself”, “Answers”, and “Halfway” are infused with EDM beats; something Miller has been strikingly good at over the years (listen to his 2013 hit “Collide”). “No Return” brings out the R&B Jake that the ladies love. He daintily details a sexual encounter; “you naked in my bed right now, it’s getting so hard to breathe.” Breakup albums seem to be all the rage (Halsey’s recent Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, and Lorde’s, Melodrama), and for some reason, they resonate with the fans.

What makes LA so cool is that we see Jake as a grown man, who’s been broken down and is now built back up and ready for something new/better. Dropping his label, he has now taken complete control over his music and image. Even teaching himself how to produce his own music and piece together what he wanted this album to be. Don’t judge him on his early pop days, instead just soak up and absorb the artist he is today.



NMF Picks!

1.) “Undercover” – Kehlani


2.) “Don’t Leave” – Snakehips feat. MØ


3.) “Romantic (NOTD Remix)” – Stanaj


4.) “Patience (Freestyle)” – RAY BLK


5.) “Damn (feat. Tory Lanez)” – Trina














Single Review: “Cruel (feat. ZAYN)”

There’s no doubt Zayn Malik has made a name for himself in the pop scene as we heard with his explosive single “Pillowtalk”. But this time, he lends his vocals to Snakehips, a British electronic/R&B duo who are also responsible for the catchy anthem, “All My Friends.”

Image: fistintheair.com

Malik’s vocal prowess is as powerful as ever. In the boppy light chorus he sings, “It’s such a cruel, world, saving all my love for you.” A balance between electro-pop and R&B is right where he fits perfectly. Snakehips keep their sound fresh and new age along with their energetic clap beats, as we hear on this one.

Fellow pop singer, Troye Sivan tweeted about his love for the new song saying, “alright Cruel by ft has one of the best choruses of 2016.” I AGREE. Snakehips should be plaguing radio stations with this one

The lyrics are electric modern love. Even with all the madness happening in the world, he can’t help but be bothered with her presence, it’s quite beautiful actually. “Noise and tears, death on the TV, and then there’s you…I can’t concentrate, I just see your outline.” Later on, he refers to her body as “CCTV” (closed circuit television/surveillance footage) replaying in his head. Although the lyrics are quite mature, the chorus has a child-like quality that is easy to sing-along to and mimic.


Music Monday’s: Adventure of A Lifetime

Adventure of A Lifetime

Key Item: Asymmetrical sweater

Key Materials: Cozy grey knits

Shoe Situation: All white Adventure of A Lifetime

image via: player.spotify.com
image via: player.spotify.com

Coldplay cranks up the gorgeous magic on their latest single, “Adventure of A Lifetime” a Daft Punk/Alt-esque song. Martin’s voice soars, as usual as he sings, “You make me feel like i’m alive again, alive again!” A reoccurring guitar riff flows through the song making you bop your head in-sync. Coldplay always delivers a powerful message, and “Lifetime” is no different; “And if we’ve only got this life, In this adventure, then, I want to share it with you.” The song becomes addicting (as most Coldplay songs do) and the chill vibe is strong. Martin recently told KROQ that “Adventure of A Lifetime” is, “Just the way we’re feeling at the moment…last year we made this record called Ghost Stories which was very intimate and personal—it was more about how to deal with difficult feelings and how to alchemize them. And part of learning that journey was that at the end of it you get to a more joyful place. So some of that is really coming through on this album.” I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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Justin found his Purpose

If you look up “comeback” in the dictionary, you’ll see this picture next to it:

Image: billboard.com
Image: billboard.com

It’s true, Bieber’s new album Purpose is here. He did everything right; followed the dance trend in music, dyed his hair the perfect Zach Morris color, rocked some dope flannel, and actually started making music.

Image: portaldoamazonas.com

Image: portaldoamazonas.com

He teased his new music on social media, making fans drool with every booty shake in “Sorry” to every scenic landscape in “I’ll Show You”. People started realizing, the Beibs is BACK. Finally, we’re focused on the music.

Purpose is a diary, a compilation of mixed emotions, the ups and downs of relationships, the negativity we face in life, the love we’ll never forget. This time around, Justin makes you feel something. “I’ll Show You” is as personal as it gets; “Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing, when the pressure’s coming down like lightning, it’s like they want me to be perfect, when they don’t even know that I’m hurting.” With the help of Skrillex, a dance beat is incorporated in the most glorious way. A slower track that still provides solid lyrical material with real meaning, something Justin struggled with at the beginning of his career; not anymore.

Although Bieber’s specialty seems to be a solid dance jam, the song “Company” keeps his sultry R&B vocals alive while an addicting bold pop beat frames the track. “The Feeling” follows suit, with help from newcomer, Halsey providing an insanely gorgeous hook; “Am I in love with you or am I in love with the feeling?”. Themes of new age love, fame, our generation, and unity, are all reflected on the standout track “Children”. This song is radio ready and bound to make even more people fall in love with the Biebs. The chorus is a club banger while the verses are pretty poems.

Purpose was insanely content driven, as it should have been.

Cheers Justin Bieber, you’ve done it.


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Music Monday’s: Better


Key Item: Gold shirt

Key Materials: Ripped Denim

Shoe Situation: All black Vans

Accessory Must: Gold So Real Dior sunnies

image via: gigwise.com
image via: gigwise.com

“I can love you better than she can,” are the words achingly sung from Banks’ quivering lips as she serenades her coven of fans with her newest single, “Better”. I know I preach a lot about Banks, because I think she is one of the most iconic and unique faces in the music industry right now. NOTHING can be compared to Banks. I will wave her flag forever. Accompanied by a visually stunning music video where Banks’ body is donned in rough gold makeup as she cries out every single lyric. “Better” is nothing without her insanely magnetic vocals. Her raspy voice tells a compelling story as backup vocals chant for dramatic effect against a subtle smooth electro sound until the chorus hits and you feel a massive explosion. “Better” makes you step back and say “Woah, this is seriously something.” You need a moment to process what you just heard. The raw emotion is overwhelmingly alluring; one of Banks’ specialties.

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New Playlist!

I haven’t given you guys a new playlist lately, so here you go! These songs are straight off my “New Jamzz” playlist on my phone. Enjoy! 😉

“Summer (Mr. Carmack Remix)” by Raf Riley

“Dessert” by Dawin

“Don’t” by Bryson Tiller

“Exchange” by Bryson Tiller

“Praise” by Tala

“Got to Give It Up (Part 1)” by Marvin Gaye

“Cold Sweat” by Tinashe

“Feels Like Vegas” by Tinashe

“Gold” by Kiiara

“Here for You (feat. Ella Henderson)” by Kygo

“King of the Fall” by The Weeknd

“Middle (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)” by DJ Snake

“On My Mind” by Don Diablo

“Cake Face” by Steve Aoki

“GoGo!” by Baauer

“Make You Wanna” by Ta-Ku

“Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (feat. Kanye West)” by Big Sean