Music Monday’s: Adventure of A Lifetime

Adventure of A Lifetime

Key Item: Asymmetrical sweater

Key Materials: Cozy grey knits

Shoe Situation: All white Adventure of A Lifetime

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Coldplay cranks up the gorgeous magic on their latest single, “Adventure of A Lifetime” a Daft Punk/Alt-esque song. Martin’s voice soars, as usual as he sings, “You make me feel like i’m alive again, alive again!” A reoccurring guitar riff flows through the song making you bop your head in-sync. Coldplay always delivers a powerful message, and “Lifetime” is no different; “And if we’ve only got this life, In this adventure, then, I want to share it with you.” The song becomes addicting (as most Coldplay songs do) and the chill vibe is strong. Martin recently told KROQ that “Adventure of A Lifetime” is, “Just the way we’re feeling at the moment…last year we made this record called Ghost Stories which was very intimate and personal—it was more about how to deal with difficult feelings and how to alchemize them. And part of learning that journey was that at the end of it you get to a more joyful place. So some of that is really coming through on this album.” I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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