Quinn XCII: More Than Pop

Quinn’s latest album, The Story of Us is pop shot to the moon and back. Nothing is off limits. The Detroit native proves his voice is one of the most unique in the industry right now. 11 tracks tackle a new element and by the end, you’re convinced he can do no wrong.

Image via quinnxcii.com

Mixed beats lace each song while Quinn’s voice hijacks every syllable. “Don’t You” stands out as one of my favorites. Led by an acoustic guitar, the cutesy track quickly shifts into a low key R&B tune. Quinn doesn’t box himself in one genre, his verses are choppy yet mixed to perfection so the rhythm is NEVER off. The lyrics aren’t cryptic, he keeps it real and honest; “I’m losing my patience, swear she’s dating someone famous,” he spits out.

“Fake Denim” and “Straightjacket” are the catchiest off the album. Both keeping pop elements mixed with a slice of those R&B sounds he does so well. Quinn recently told Billboard that lead single “Straightjacket” is about, “Dating someone who acts one way in public but totally different (and crazier) behind closed doors, and the goal of ultimately exposing that true personality to everyone.” Both tracks have an underlying EDM vibe which parallels perfectly to his go-getter/confident attitude.

While most artists have albums that feel more like fillers, Quinn makes each song a hit single. The Story of Us is a wholesome album. I truly think there is something for everyone on it. I can’t wait to hear/see more from Quinn XCII in the future.



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