Music Mondays: “3 Strikes”

3 Strikes
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Key Item: Camouflage jacket

Color Concepts: Dark neutrals

Shoe Situation: Yeezy boots

Accessory Must: Quay oversized sunnies

Think about Ellie Goulding having a baby with Tinashe, that’s what Terror Jr. could be compared to. High pitched vocals, with saucy lyrics. A steady beat keeps the song on a slick train into pop land. “Down for one night, like I got three strikes,” sings Jr. as the inaudible backup vocals and thudding beat pop back in making you tap your feet along. The song appears in Kylie Jenner’s “Gloss” video where her girlfriends are seen getting into some money troubles at a beat up motel in the desert (totally badass.) Jenner nonchalantly waits in the car, applying her lip gloss as “3 Strikes” echoes in the background. Putting the perfect sexy pop punch in the video. But, who is Terror Jr.? People are suspecting it’s Jenner under this alias, considering no social media accounts existed until after the video. Hmm…..

music mondays

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