Music Mondays: “Team”


Key Item: Suede bomber jacket

Color Concepts: All black paired with nudes

Shoe Situation: Common Projects chelsea boots

Accessory Must: Dior so real sunnies


After what feels like forever, Iggy Azalea is back on the radio waves with her latest single, “Team.” Harsh beats, and more on the electronic side this time, Azalea raps about being her own team, bringing powerful themes in every verse. “Me, baby, no way, watch me while I do my thing…are you f*****g with the team?” Azalea smoothly yells. The music video highlights her bad-assness as she swerves and spins in a fancy sports car, boards a private plane, and breaks out in some dope choreo on the tarmac. “Team” keeps Azalea’s darker tone while incorporating more electronic elements that bring the song to a higher quality. Her new album, Digital Distortion is said to deal with the world of technology that we live in and how it distorts our version of reality. I’m interested to hear more from the sassy and confident Iggy.

music mondays

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