Who You Need: Jorja Smith

(Image via nme.com)

WHO: Jorja Smith

WHERE: Walsall, UK

GENRE: R&B/Alternative

TOP SONGS: “Blue Lights” and “On My Mind”

The 21-year-old just released her full-length debut album titled, Lost & Found. It feels like a soundtrack to a rainy day or even a coffee shop mixed tape. Smith’s voice is similar to fellow R&B angel, SZA along with hints of the late Amy Winehouse.

Her sultry single, “February 3rd” shows off her light and airy vocals; dreamy, often mysterious and full of layers. She sings effortlessly, “so why don’t you lose yourself for me?” The lyrics are romantically poetic in a way that makes you feel a bit tongue-tied until you process what they are actually saying. “February” sets the tone for the remainder of the album; a steady stream of more and more feelings.

Smith carries herself with such youthful poise. She spoke about her future hopes and dreams with Apple Music Beats 1, saying “My plan is to get a lot of people to listen to this music. Also, want to direct some of my videos and perform in bigger venues but make it intimate. Don’t know about this, not being able to leave places without loads of security. It’s weird.”


Listen to Jorja Smith’s debut album here



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