Q&A with Madge!

(image via facebook.com/madge.tunes/)
Utah native, Madge, is slowly creeping her way into our headphones. An obscure pop singer and producer now living and creating music in LA. Newest single, “Alice” has finally put her on the map. Child-like vocals, cat sounds, and a punchy sing-a-long beat draws you into whatever magic is happening on this track. She’s so cool, it hurts.

Talk a little more about your background in music? Was it always an interest of yours?

“I grew up playing classical piano quite seriously. I always had a love/hate relationship with it. In fact, as a teen I swore it off altogether. It’s been fun to claim ownership of it again on my terms.”


What/who are some of your inspirations? Whether it be art, movies, musicians, etc.

“Sanrio. Tarot. Blondie. Siouxsie. Processed food. Drag shows.”


What does your studio look like? Who is with you? Is self-producing important to you?

“It’s a corner of my living room with a big stained glass window along the right side. I work with my partner in the studio space, but produce almost everything myself for Madge. I love collaborating and have collaborated on Madge (with Chance Lewis for my single “Alice”), but self-producing is REALLY important to me. It’s at the heart of Madge.”


People seem to stumble over the words to describe your sound. What would you call it?

“ADHD pop. Trip pop. Punch pop. Occult pop. Scary pop. Lo-fi pop.”


Tell me more about your latest single “Alice” and where the inspiration came from?

“Alice is about a poltergeist. It’s the intersection of humor and horror, pleasure and spooks. I felt haunted by her for several years and now she’s like a funny bat that hangs out on my shoulder at night.”


What are your musical plans for the rest of this year?

“I’ll be releasing an EP later this year and playing a bunch of shows this summer. I also have a self-directed / self-edited music video for “Alice” coming out soon!”



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