Blume Gets It Right

Michael Blume is a pure sensation. His debut EP When I Get It Right is a rose in a world full of thorns. Piano medleys, clear-cut harmonies, and impeccable musical composition are drizzled and dripping off each song.


Blume has a new renaissance way about him. Preaching about love, almost always swaying in a shift dress/robe-like get-up with his hair somewhat tied in a knot on his head. He has a “no f***s given” attitude that makes him extremely likable. His lyrics can be poetic at times and honestly harsh at others.

Opening song, “Relationships” is a modern day “Confessions” focusing on the importance of relationships to a spunky R&B backbeat. “I swear I’m kind, I swear I’m real, I’m not the kind who’s tryin to steal.” Blume’s specialty is keeping it real. He speaks his mind, but does it in a way that makes you wanna clap your hands in acknowledgement. “Relationships” is an important song to listen to. It revives old-school R&B that we should be praising; long verses paired with skip-beats that make you catch your breath.


“How High” is a stained glass church. You kneel down and Blume’s harmonies saturate your soul, while an organ highlights some of the best moments of your life. The first two and a half minutes make you feel at ease, then he spits a couple raps while the backup vocals keep it cool. The transitions are seamless in classic R&B fashion; Blume keeps it captivating.

“Manufactured Love” is his biggest hit, defining the album as a whole. Blume tells, “The song introduces a basic concept of myself and my attitude about music and love: trusting the process, knowing that your path is there for you, holding onto your faith in yourself despite any and all outside noise.” Michael Blume is a modern-day guru we all need to believe in.


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