Music Mondays: “Home Alone”


Key Item: Super destroyed jeans

Color Concepts: Neutrals

Shoe Situation: Brown suede chelsea boot



You might know him as the adorably lovable Augustus in the movie adaptation of “The Fault In Our Stars,” but what most people don’t know about Ansel Elgort is that he is also a mega-talented singer/musician/producer. Elgort has used his Instagram to show off his skills to his fans. His first single is called, “Home Alone” a pop driven tune that utilizes his DJ skills for a tinge of EDM throughout. He told Yahoo! Music, “Originally, it was going to be over a dance record, but that didn’t feel right…So I thought, maybe I can just do production for it so that it makes it electronic and emotional.” The lyrics are pure poetry as Ansel’s voice glides effortlessly on every word. The critic’s agree that “Home Alone” is your new song of the summer.

music mondays

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