Michael Blume Is Not A Trend


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A horn line blasts through “I Am Not A Trend” as Blume declares his independence with a no f***s given attitude. Something he’s been able to master since the very start. “I dance how I dance, I pray how I pray, I sing what I sing, I say what I say.” The lyrics are simple; be yourself, and do YOU. A happy-go-lucky chorus ties the song together making it an empowering pop/jazz tune.

Blume told me his inspiration behind “Trend” saying, “It’s about living your grandest self, realizing your fantasy is unique to you, and submitting yourself fully to your own truth.” Honesty has been a common theme in this New Jersey natives music as fans heard on his 2016 EP titled, When I Get It Right. He dealt with relationships, love, his career, and did it all in a brash yet meaningful way.

“Trend” is apart of Blume’s new EP to be released this year. Listen here:



Blume Gets It Right

Michael Blume is a pure sensation. His debut EP When I Get It Right is a rose in a world full of thorns. Piano medleys, clear-cut harmonies, and impeccable musical composition are drizzled and dripping off each song.

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Blume has a new renaissance way about him. Preaching about love, almost always swaying in a shift dress/robe-like get-up with his hair somewhat tied in a knot on his head. He has a “no f***s given” attitude that makes him extremely likable. His lyrics can be poetic at times and honestly harsh at others.

Opening song, “Relationships” is a modern day “Confessions” focusing on the importance of relationships to a spunky R&B backbeat. “I swear I’m kind, I swear I’m real, I’m not the kind who’s tryin to steal.” Blume’s specialty is keeping it real. He speaks his mind, but does it in a way that makes you wanna clap your hands in acknowledgement. “Relationships” is an important song to listen to. It revives old-school R&B that we should be praising; long verses paired with skip-beats that make you catch your breath.

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“How High” is a stained glass church. You kneel down and Blume’s harmonies saturate your soul, while an organ highlights some of the best moments of your life. The first two and a half minutes make you feel at ease, then he spits a couple raps while the backup vocals keep it cool. The transitions are seamless in classic R&B fashion; Blume keeps it captivating.

“Manufactured Love” is his biggest hit, defining the album as a whole. Blume tells Broadwayworld.com, “The song introduces a basic concept of myself and my attitude about music and love: trusting the process, knowing that your path is there for you, holding onto your faith in yourself despite any and all outside noise.” Michael Blume is a modern-day guru we all need to believe in.


All the Colors of Michael Blume

photo via pausemusicale.com
photo via pausemusicale.com

With rhythm like Miguel, a voice like Frank Ocean, and lyrics like Chet Faker, Michael Blume has created his own path that is new age and worth hearing.

After the release of his first single, “Manufactured Love” I knew I would be in love with this man; I was right. His natural vibrato-infused voice ignites a musical fire inside your soul. Everything about him is hypnotizingly cool. Once you start listening, you can’t stop.

His latest single, “Colors” is slightly more upbeat than his previous. “All of the colors are bleeding from my head, all the colors paint a picture in my head,” are the poetic lyrics heard on this pretty tune. Blume blends R&B beats with alternative lyrics and melodies to create something extremely unique. “Colors” resembles a relationship which includes mistakes, drunk texting, imperfections, and much more. The song builds to a gorgeous outro sung by a heavenly choir. Music just doesn’t get any better than this.

Listen to “Colors” here:


I can’t wait to hear more from Michael Blume. His talent is rare in the purest form.