Troye Sivan Releases New Single “Take Yourself Home”

Sivan’s latest music is his first solo single since his transformative album, Bloom back in 2018. “Take Yourself Home” feels new and fresh – still pop but an evolved pop with an underlying dance element.

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Troye announced the emotional release of “Home” on his Instagram saying, “this was a really scary moment for me – being this honest w myself about my happiness and my life and the way all the pieces fit together, or don’t 🥴 just like a moment of dude..what r u doing. this isn’t working anymore. go home. go be w ur write music. be w ur friends who have known u since u were 2. reevaluate. hope you like it and it brings you some of the joy and relief it brought me during these crazy times.”

“Take Yourself Home” has strong themes of escape and clarity. Troye sings deeply on the verses, “Talk to me / There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with some honesty / And how it got this dark is just beyond to me / If anyone can hear me, switch the lights.” The lyrics feel like a page ripped straight out of a diary – something Sivan does so beautifully. After describing he’s tired of the city, he sings, “Sad in the summer / City needs a mother” which feels so significant and eye-opening; the thought of a city needing a mother figure. The lyrics do not disappoint. “Home” has a steady melancholy feel to it while the outro switches gears to a deep-house beat for the remaining 39 seconds. I hope more of this sound is incorporated into Sivan’s future music releases or remixes.

Bloom: Short & Sweet

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If you’re already a Troye Sivan fan then you’ve probably heard most of Bloom already; the explosive “My My My”, romantic “Bloom”, and the retro fun “Dance To This” featuring pop queen Ms. Ariana Grande.

This 10-track album packs a full punch, right to the heart and soul. “Seventeen” explores young love and naivety in Sivan’s classic pop production, while the piano-led “Postcard” explores a hardship in a loving relationship. Sivan wanted to make a full-blown love album, so that’s what he did. He told the New York Post, “While I was writing the album, I was experiencing love in a way that I’d never experienced it before. I wanted to write, like, a love album.” 

Charming melodies line “Plum” in a “good things eventually go bad type of way”. Relating love to a fruit, he gently sings, “Maybe our time has come, maybe we’re overgrown, even the sweetest plum, has only got so long.” 

I’d like to say one track stands out among the rest, but that’d be a lie. Each one contains so much beauty and honesty – I think they all deserve their own spotlight. A short and sweet album to match love and all its many elements.

USA Today says, “‘Bloom’ may be the best pop album of 2018.”



The Boys Club


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Troye Sivan: It’s like he had his yellow dress moment. He busted through the big doors and strutted out of nowhere like the Queen B herself. Sivan’s explosive single, “My My My” melted pop fans faces everywhere. You can feel the freedom from the first note of the chorus. In the music video, Sivan spins in circles and struts around flailing his head in pure bliss and fresh happiness. Bleached hair and cuffed jeans are his new aesthetic – a pop dream, if you will. Sivan hinted that this album is his best music yet.


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Ansel Elgort: There’s nothing he can’t do. Elgort has always been unique when it comes to music. “Home Alone” sparked his entrance into the EDM/pop world, but now, latest single “Supernova” proves his hip-hop/rap elements are here to SLAY. The lyrics seem to mumble out of his mouth in a sultry yet enticing way. Production is through the roof intense, and the lyrics are storyteller perfection.


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Cautious Clay: Promising a full-length this year, Clay is a genre all his own. Pulsing electro pop with a bit of folk, soul, and so much more. It’s hard to describe, but easy to feel. Latest single “Juliet & Caesar” proves to be another symbolic track. Shortened lyrics make for epic affirmations said in the most poetic ways; “Honesty is still the route, we respect only doubt, cus we falling either ways we down and out.” Be on the lookout for more Cautious Clay this year.



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Justin Timberlake: “Filthy” marked the pop king’s return since 2013’s The 20/20 Experience. Different is an understatement. This new JT floored me – I didn’t like it at first listen. But then I listened again, in the car, in my headphones, at the gym. The beat is epic and the sound is so unexpected. It feels new, fun, and a little dance-y. A little bit Daft Punk, a little bit Justified. I expect the new album to feature more surprises that’ll leave you just as floored as I was.














Spotlight On: Troye Sivan

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Recently new to the music scene, but no stranger to stardom, Troye Sivan released his EP titled Wild, this past Friday and fans are LOVING every minute of it. Sivan teased them with aesthetically pleasing teasers leading up to the launch of his EP. One video in particular titled “‘BLUE NEIGHBOURHOOD’ TRILOGY TRAILER, BY TROYE SIVAN” gained the most support from fans; “I just broke the replay button”, “HOW IS THERE SO MUCH EMOTION IN 48 SECONDS”, “i’m just letting you know that this only got 1,050,866 views because they’re all me. I’ve watched this so much, they’re all me i swear”, etc… Talk about RAVE REVIEWS.

Check it out for yourself:

Wild features six heavy tracks dealing with young love, coming out, growing up, and strong feelings. Sivan stands for the young wild youth. Eclectic compositions glitter through this EP from start to finish. It’s beautiful to see electronic music having such a strong influence on the pop scene right now. Producing strong unique material is becoming quite popular and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Sivan’s voice is extremely unique. He keeps the innocence of a youngster while his vocal range and quality go far beyond his 20 years. Title track “Wild”, features child-like back-up vocals while keeping the theme of young love with a hint of rebellion; “Running on the music and night highs, but when the light’s out, It’s me and you now.”

Closing track, “DKLA” takes on a different feel. Slightly darker, more intense, using hip-hop beats and more electronics. Not to mention, a verse from hip-hop artist Tkay Maidza. Sivan’s voice is the perfect contrast to the harsh beats surrounding the sultry verses; “Wrapped my thoughts around your mind, wrapped your body on my mind.” “DKLA” deserves to be on every “chill vibes” playlist known to man.

Although Sivan stands strong on his own, he did have some stellar guests add charm to his already enchanting records. Alt group, Broods guest on the song “EASE”. Front woman Georgia Knott’s breath-y vocals blend effortlessly with Troye’s soft harmonies making this record a serious stand-out among the rest.

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For a newcomer, Sivan is doing all the right things and surely making a name for himself in an industry that only gets more competitive day after day. Cheers to that!