A GRANDe Christmas!

Ari Christmas
Photo via: thisisrnb.com

In case you missed it…Ariana Grande really likes Christmas. Last year we got the fun “Santa Tell Me” and the year before that she released, Christmas Kisses -EP. Ariana’s voice was made for some sultry carols and airy harmonies, which is what we hear on her EP, appropriately titled, Christmas & Chill. Fans are already loving the holiday vibes!

With a total of six songs, Grande puts her gorgeous vocals to good use, singing about mistletoe, kisses, and well… you get the idea.

christmas ari
Photo via: hngn.com
Ariana Grande recently said on Twitter that the EP was made in a week, which is insanely impressive, considering the overall production of these songs. The beats are infectious, reminding you of the classic pop/R&B Ari that we all love. “December” has a sexy tone to it with Grande singing, “I just wanna keep my baby warm through the wintertime”. While “True Love” plays with some light hip-hop in the cutest way.

I will definitely be listening to this as I make cookies, decorate the tree, wrap presents, and pretty much anything else Christmas related. Hell…I’ll keep listening to this for the next three months.


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