Who You Need: FINNEAS

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WHERE: Los Angeles, CA


TOP SONG: “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night”

While searching for “FINNEAS” on Spotify, you might find his artist page and feel inclined to read his “about” where he honestly writes “Bios are boring”. Not only is this a testament to FINNEAS’ overall view on the music industry but also deconstructs the notion that listeners should just care about the music and nothing else.

On his latest single, “Angel” a gentle piano guides the song into a lovely ode to his girlfriend, Claudia. He dedicated another song to her appropriately titled “Claudia” earlier this year. There’s no doubt love is on the brain, but FINNEAS also took the time to write a song about losing a best friend on “I Lost A Friend“. He opened up in regards to this change of pace saying, “I’ve made a lot of music covering romantic relationships and a lot covering family but I’d never been able to articulate what it feels like to lose a friend until now.” The song is a raw look into a meaningful friendship and how sad it is when it’s gone. “I’ll be fine without him, but all I do is write about him,” FINNEAS achingly sings throughout the powerful track.

Oh…did I mention he’s on tour with Billie Eilish? Playing guitar and opening her shows… because he’s her BROTHER. Somehow, amidst the fame chaos, he remains “low key” in his musical endeavors, not trying too hard to be seen. FINNEAS seems to genuinely be happy with making music – no matter the success. Grounded and mature are two words to describe the singer, songwriter, producer after watching a recent interview he did with his sister and Zane Lowe.

With a slew of impeccably produced singles under his belt, I can only hope FINNEAS is working on an album to be released sometime in the near future.


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