GEMS Dazzle with “Blow Out the Light”

A clever spin on the cliche saying, “We’ll leave the light on!” Well…not this time. “Blow Out the Light” focuses on the end of a relationship, hinting at some infidelity; “Don’t come home to me tonight, you’ve been holdin’ someone tight, you think you’re out there lovin’ someone right.” The soprano-like voices in GEMS provide a stark contrast to the actual harsh words being sung. “I can’t promise that I’ll ever be cool with you, but I’m tryna be kind.” The positivity is in the process of moving on.

These Washington, D.C. natives are starting a new music releasing process by putting out a new single every time there’s a full moon, hence the project title, Every Full Moon.  A cool way of introducing new music to their fans that has already garnered some much needed attention to the group. “Blow Out the Light” is different from GEMS’ usual electro-pop. This one is plucking from the R&B/alternative field, with a dash of piano and a sprinkle of electronic, that seems to suit them flawlessly. Reminiscent of groups on the rise, like Broods, Phantogram, and Oh Wonder. The boy-girl coupling makes for a refreshing duet sound that has been growing popular in the music scene.

The most captivating element in “Light” are the snaps that overlap during the chorus as lead singer Lindsay sings sweetly, “blow out the light.” You can’t help but feel like it should be on a 24-hour loop in a Zen center somewhere to help people rid their mind of toxic exes.








Who You Need: Youngr


Who: Youngr

Where: United Kingdom

Genre: Electro-Pop



I came across an Instagram from the Warner/Chappel music label welcoming an artist named Youngr to their family. The name caught my attention and I noticed he had a new record out; “Out of My System.” Immediately scrolling to Spotify, I found his sound new age and fun. Something you’d hear at a Malibu beach party at sunset, when everyone is at their peak, and the fire is blazing.

Marry Passion Pit with HelloGoodbye and you’ve got Youngr. An electronic pattern pulsing with pop lyrics. The man behind it all? Dario Darnell. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Darnell is no stranger to the music industry. Him and his brother, Lorne formed the pop duo Picture Book back in 2012. Perhaps this was a foreshadowing of the upcoming success to happen to Darnell.

His latest single, “Too Keen” is another electric pop dream doused in soulful vocals and a rapture of a chorus. He opens with,“I wish it was still cool to text you, but you went and sent another clumsy message.” Predictable pop lyrics with a fun musical twist could be Youngr’s specialty.