A rugged unshaven Zayn Malik is seen brushing noses with blonde bombshell/model Gigi Hadid. Their hands travel and Hadid smirks at her man. Their sensual caresses highlight every sexual innuendo heard in Malik’s first solo single to the world, “Pillowtalk”.

The lyrics are poetic, raw, sexy, and honest. Everything we wanted to hear from Zayn, something different and true to himself. He creates an entire world out of one place; a bed. “So we’ll piss off the neighbours, in the place that feels the tears, the place to lose your fears.” Zayn’s voice is as flawless as we remember, he makes every note sound just as exquisite as the next. Although this is a pop song, it’s very different from a top 40 1D single as the video also portrays; artistic creations show naked bodies, paint, beautiful visual effects, and more. Malik experiments with more R&B sounds on “Pillowtalk”, something that suits him very well. If this is any indication of what the rest of this new Zayn chapter sounds like, then bring it on, I’m ready.

Malik’s debut solo album, Mind of Mine comes out March 25. Mark your calendars.


“Run Away With Me”


“Cause you make me feel like, I could be driving you all night, and I found your lips in the street lights, I wanna be there with you…” are the words sung by Ms. Carly Rae Jepsen on her new single “Run Away With Me” which is also the opening track to her new album EMOTION due Aug. 21. So far, I have been fairly impressed with this album. The singles are proving the 80’s style is coming back in a big way. Of course, the pop is pop and there’s not much depth but Jepsen does a good job at always keeping it lively and catchy all at the same time.

The lyrics are magical and drag the wanderlust right out of you. The music video features fun moments from what looks to be Carly in her natural habitat living life; jumping on hotel beds, trying on cool clothes, dancing with her friends in a club. “Run Away With Me” is your crush, it’s that feeling of fun love that you can’t get rid of. Bittersweet verses and a crazy catchy chorus – damn you Carly…you did it again…

Pop has never looked this good. Jepsen’s new album is bound to be our end of the summer soundtrack. I hate to say it but Carly is a guilty pleasure. She has shouty songs with youthful energy that people can’t resist. “Run Away With Me” could play on repeat for a long time in my car and I’ll still sing every word– that’s how you know you have a hit single.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.

-Abbey 🙂