Music Mondays: Love Me Like You Do

Love Me Like You Do

Ellie Goulding’s feathery and light tones gives off a intimate vibe. Love Me Like You Do is one of the many sensual tracks on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack. Start channelling your inner Christian Grey by looking dapper for a date-night in a fitted suit. The airy and dream like lyrics emote a “love me” energy. So what better color to wear than a deep red. Wearing Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme cologne will give you the perfect date-night aroma 😉 In regards to the scent itself; this fresh woody fragrance is effervescent with bright, sparkling notes of bergamot, ginger, and vetiver.* Even if you decide that overall you don’t want to look super dressy for the occasion, a class oxford or dress shoe can dress up a blazer and fitted jeans.

Key Item: A dressy blazer of any color or fit of your choice. I’d suggest deep reds, blues, and black.

Key Materials: Velvet for a soft, polished look.

Shoe Situation: Keep a classy polished look with the classic oxford or dress shoe.

Accessory Must: Gold or Silver (whichever you prefer) bangle bracelet or a watch. Keep it simple.

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Ellie Goulding’s fairy voice glistens as clear as ever on her latest song, “Love Me Like You Do”, another flawless contribution to the massively popular “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack. A romantic song, highlighted by moody pop undertones and a soaring and majorly addicting chorus. Goulding embodies the intoxicating power of love singing, “My heads spinning around, I can’t see clear no more, what are you waiting for?” followed by a foot stomping chorus. “Love Me Like You Do” is incredibly repetitious, but the glorious lyrics make it almost impossible to not sing along. Her vocals never cease to make you want to throw glitter in the air as you fly off on a magical puffy cloud into the sky.

By: Abbey 🙂


Fifty Shades of YES!

No, I haven’t read the books. No, I probably won’t. So don’t ask me. But…. THE FIFTY SHADES OF GREY SOUNDTRACK IS COMING OUT.

You guys, this is going to be the most EPIC soundtrack. It’s going to be released on Feb. 10th and the hype is unreal. I love soundtracks so much, especially when they are so beautifully done, like I assume this one is. The track listing has finally been released on iTunes and I have been obsessing over it ever since.

If you’re up to date, you’ve probably already heard the exquisite song “Earned It” by The Weeknd. This song could not be more divine if it had to be. A beautiful orchestra accompanies the subtle sensual vocals of singer Abel Tesfaye as he croons, “cause girl you’re perfect/ you’re always worth it/ and you deserve it/ the way you work it.” Tesfaye recently stated in a behind the scenes video for “Earned It” that his music and Fifty Shades of Grey are a “match made in heaven.” He also said, “If you listen to my album, even the past work I’ve done, it’s very Fifty Shades of Grey” which could be why he not only has one song on the soundtrack but two; the second is titled “Where You Belong”. Not to mention, Tesfaye’s falsetto literally could make any grown woman melt into a warm puddle. The music video for “Earned It” was just released and if you’re mentally prepared you can watch it below:

Another artist who was granted more than one song on the album…BEYONCE. Duh.

She lends her vocal prowess to her own songs, including a new remix of “Haunted” from her self titled album Beyoncé. “Haunted” happens to be one of my favorites off the Beyoncé, because of its diverse electronic sound mixed with heavy bass and monotonic vocals dealing with the pressures of life and later shifting into a fast paced fantasy. As usual, “Haunted” also has a strong amount of sex appeal; “You want me?/ I walk down the hallway/ You’re lucky/ The bedroom’s my runway/ Slap me/ I’m pinned to the doorway…” you get the point. This song werkkkkks.

Beyoncé also brings one of her classics back to life. That’s right, they are calling it “Crazy In Love” (the 2014 remix). If you’ve seen the trailer for Fifty Shades, you’ve probably already drooled over how flawless this song sounds (pun intended). Beyoncé slows down the song and brings a more romantic feel with muffled vocals and what sounds to be like a full orchestra accentuating every half whispered note escaping her lips. Here’s the trailer featuring the song, if you haven’t already seen it:

Sia makes an appearance on this album singing a song called “Salted Wound” which I can only predict is probably emotional perfection to the ears and I absolutely can’t wait to hear it.

Ellie Goulding comes back with her fairy-like vocals spreading the message of “Love Me Like You Do” in a powerful pop ballad with truly stunning lyrics. The video (released today) has footage from the movie and also shows Goulding with her usual gorgeous blonde waves caressing the camera with every angle. Check it out:

This album not only dabbles into a recent musical trough of artists, but revisits the past with classics like, “Beast of Burden” by The Rolling Stones, “I Put A Spell On You” covered by Annie Lennox, and “Witchcraft” by the incomparable Frank Sinatra. These songs will give the album a more wholesome feel, proving love songs can de diverse whilst still making a cinematic impact in the year of 2015. Being a Sinatra fan my whole life, I can only imagine where “Witchcraft” will fit into this movie (insert excited heart eyes emoji here). And “Beast of Burden” is probably one of the sexiest songs of the late 70’s. With lyrics like, “I’ll never be your beast of burden/ So let’s go home and draw the curtains/ Music on the radio/ Come on baby make sweet love to me.” I think it’ll fit in just fine…

Other songs feature the sweet Jessie Ware, powerful AWOLNATION, talented Skylar Grey, newcomers Vaults, soulful Laura Welsch, and composer Danny Elfman.

February 10th, sit back and listen to this album.


Not so GLEE-ful…

I’m going to be brutally honest here. I have watched the TV show Glee since day one. I was on Team Quinn when she was pregnant. I cried when Finn dropped Rachel off at the train station to send her on her way to New York City. I rooted for Kurt and Blaine even though I think Kurt can be extremely whiny and annoying. And I stared at my TV in shock when the headline “Glee star Cory Monteith found dead” flashed across the screen. For some reason I’ll always be attached to the show and this season will be no different. I will sit down on the couch this Friday and watch the last season premiere of Glee.

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Now let’s move on to why I’m angry. I can’t even explain how much I disagree with the shift in music on Glee. I used to go to iTunes after every episode and download almost the entire soundtrack, because I loved the new renditions, the harmonies, and the solos. My love for the music has decreased through the seasons. I feel like the show went more mainstream at some points. The characters ended up singing the songs I hated that were played on the radio 10000 times a day. I miss the good ole days with themed episodes (Madonna, Michael Jackson…etc) and emotional acoustic performances when everyone was struggling with zits and their sexuality. I wanted MORE from Glee. I knew they could do better and I wished and wished they would.

Clicking open my iTunes this morning and there it was…the music from the season premiere ready to purchase. I only liked one of them… the powerful cover of Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited” sung by the lovely Lea Michele (who can do no wrong). The others were cliche renditions of top 40 babies like, “Sing”, “Problem”, and “Let It Go” (BARF). It’s not that they aren’t good, it’s just BORING. I want something that makes me feel. Despite the disappointing choice of music for this episode I do have hope that this season will be better just due to the fact that most of the original cast is back, which means better singing and even better acting. The talent they have on this show is so so incredible, I feel like it’s going to waste. Darren Criss has a fantastic voice and is one of my personal favorites on the show. Lea Michele… come on, I couldn’t love her any more if my life depended on it. Naya Rivera has a beautiful alto voice and even Matt Morrison can kill a ballad. I know this is the last season and I hope it gets better, so this show can truly go out with a bang!

Let’s re-live the glory days of Glee with some of my personal favorites…AKA- LISTEN TO THESE ASAP!


Oh my Lord, girl power. God bless you Whitney.


These two sound impeccable together.


You gotta love The Warblers; flawless…


Girl power again. Damn, this makes me cry every time.


Love. Love. LOVE!

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Tune into FOX on Friday, January 9th for the two hour season premiere of Glee at 8 pm.


Praise the Lorde


Ever since the announcement that Lorde will be compiling The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, I knew it would be magic. Lorde’s keen ear for dark themes, visual appeal, and genius lyrics will lead Hunger Games fans into a full blown frenzy.

“I’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm,” are the first words from her single titled “Yellow Flicker Beat.” The song serves as a powerful homage to the start of a revolution (as we see in The Hunger Games.) Mixing dramatic synths and Lorde’s classic unique vocals, this song is pure fire. The music video shows Lorde in several places; a retro motel room, a dark foggy street, sitting by a dimly lit pool, and surrounded by a glamorous crowd in a black room. Not to mention the video gives fans a full serving of Lorde’s weird yet always captivating dancing as she bops her loose curls to every beat.


Lorde recently told Rolling Stone that Kanye West reworked this single with her. Kanye freaking West. The song is called “Flicker” on the album and I’m sure it’s going to be massive.


Another single off this soundtrack is “This Is Not A Game,” by The Chemical Brothers featuring vocals by Miguel and three quick words from Lorde: “There It Is.” This song is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Miguel’s sexy raspy voice glides effortlessly over the hip-hop beats, electronic synths, and spaceship beeps. The theme of revolution comes appears again as Miguel sings “you talk about a revolution,” then Lorde says “there it is.” This song is so dope, I am actually really angry that more people don’t know about it yet.  The contrast between Miguel’s dreamy voice and the hard electronics in this song make it so incredibly unique.

Lorde is the absolute best person to give this project to. Her creativity with music is something young fans of The Hunger Games and of Lorde herself, will appreciate. The soundtrack is expected to be released Nov. 17. You can bet I’ll be listening.


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There’s no fault in these songs

“The Fault In Our Stars” is coming out this weekend…I repeat, THIS WEEKEND!!

After reading the book in a matter of days and watching the trailer an embarrassing amount of times, the release is coming upon us. If you’re a soundtrack nerd like me, you’ve already listened to the soundtrack and it’s…. phenomenal.

I thought I could break down some of the songs that I really love from the soundtrack and I hope you get to listen to them before you see the movie. Understanding a song and its meaning can go a long way when you finally see it paired with a movie scene in the theatre.

In case you are behind and haven’t read the book or even heard of the movie (AKA you probably live on another planet) here’s a quick synopsis:

The Fault In Our Stars follows the life of Hazel Lancaster who is suffering from terminal cancer and the man she meets that changes her outlook on everything. Hazel’s character is incredibly cynical, but in a sort of comical way. Right from the beginning you know she has a tremendous heart, especially for her family. Her mother and father take care of her every need at the drop of a hat. Her mother is extremely overbearing, yet wonderfully human. She says what any mother would say to their daughter. Hazel’s father is emotional, which makes him a very sensitive character throughout this heart wrenching story.

And Gus… Hazels beautifully brilliant love interest. Who has a similar life as Hazel does. He’s been through his fair share of medical treatments and falls for Hazel immediately. Their love is undeniable yet innocent. Neither of them have a long list of lovers, but that doesn’t stop them from taking an unexpected adventure together through what could be the last great moments of their young lives. Gus’ chivalric gestures and smooth talking could sweep any girl off her feet, even the hard boiled Hazel. The best thing about Gus is his sickeningly positive outlook on life. No matter what he’s dealt, his silver lining always seems to be in view. Gus is a wonderfully refreshing element to this inspiring story.

So lets dive in to this soundtrack:

“All I Want” by Kodaline: This song is as simple as it sounds and could not be more fitting for this film. The rich lyrics say “Take my body, all I want is, and all I need is, to find somebody.” Slow guitars, tambourines, and sleepy vocals perfect this song. After listening to this song in all of its 5 minute glory, your heart will either be mended or broken. This song expresses passion between two people.

“Boom Clap” by Charli XCX: If you’ve seen the movie trailer, you have heard this song. Charli may be “Fancy-ing” up the charts, but this is truly HER song this time. Charli’s pop nasally voice soars on this song as she explains the power of young love; “First kiss just like a drug, under your influence, you take me over you’re the magic in my veins.” This song captures the positive and fun moments Hazel and Gus have together as their love grows stronger for each other.

“Long Way Down” by Tom Odell: Grab your tissues, because this one really pulls at the heart strings. A flawless piano melody floods this song as Odell patiently sings every word with perfected ease. This song puts life into perspective, it reminds me of the many times Hazel thinks about life. She questions what’s important and why. “She stands on the ledge, she says, ‘it looks so high’ You know it’s a… long way down.” BRB- crying…

“Oblivion” by Indians: This song reminds me of the band called Band of Horses. Their songs remind you of something you would hear while star gazing on the green grass with your really cute boyfriend on a warm June night…(at least that’s what I’ve seen in movies). In that case, I guess this song speaks for itself in terms of why it fits in on this soundtrack.

“Not About Angels” by Birdy: This song is so unbelievable. If you’ve never heard of Birdy before, you need to catch up. This young girl is a serious light. Her heartbreakingly petite vocals litter this song to no end. The lyrics were made for this love story; “How unfair, it’s just our love, found something real that’s out of touch, but if you’d searched the whole wide world, would you dare to let it go?” Hazel and Gus have found love, but they do realize that one day they will no longer be here. What happens to that love? It’s so unfair to have to let something like that go. Birdy absolutely drenches this song in pure emotion.

“Wait” by M83: If you know this band, you know they can produce some seriously powerful stuff; “Wait” is no different. Stretching to about 5 and a half minutes, this song really builds. Halfway through the song the words “No Time” are echoed until the end. No time seems to be a metaphor for everything in this story. No time for sickness, no time for hatred, no time for happiness, no time for sadness, no time for love. The anxious guitars, drums, and strings fade this song into a powerful ballad leaving you enlightened (as most M83 songs do).

Do yourself a favor and go see “The Fault In Our Stars” this weekend. Okay?