Mr. and Mrs. Twenty88



Friday was not only April Fools Day. It was the day we got introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Twenty88 -AKA- Rapper Big Sean and flowerchild R&B princess Jhene Aiko. After listening to this album, you’ll WISH and PRAY that they someday get together. The two have collabed in the past with “Beware” off Sean’s 2013’s Hall of Fame and “I Know” off of his 2015 album Dark Sky Paradise. But Twenty88 is different. Both Aiko and Sean turned 28 in March of this year and both were born in 1988, which is why 88 makes so much sense.

Each song is smooth, clear, addicting, and just plain beautiful. Even a song with such a harsh title; “Selfish” keeps a dance-y tropical vibe that leaves romantic notions in your head. Aiko’s vocals remain as pure as ever, convincing you that she’s an angel on Earth. “Late night, texting, phone off, no stressing, how could you be so selfish?” the two harmonize as they deal with real-life 2016 problems.

twenty 88

I didn’t know how much I needed this duo until I heard this album. Aiko can rap and curse just like the best of them, she’s just prettier at it. Sean keeps his rhythmic flow and respects the chill element Aiko needs in her music. Both have a sultry musical quality that brings hip-hop and R&B together in a cohesive way. Think about drinking hard liquor in a floral dress, that’s Twenty88. Heavy bass on “Push It” brings sexy to the forefront. Elements of a classic R&B song is heard in Aiko’s subtle backup vocals, while Sean raps about his plans with his lady later…

Aiko recently told Flaunt magazine, “Music now doesn’t really cater to the feelings of a real relationship, It’s all about trapping and bragging. I feel like this project is something that’s needed right now. The whole idea of the man and woman duet, especially a whole project, is just good for people to see. That duality is a perfect combination.”

Now let me go grab some wine and take a bubble bath while I listen to this on repeat.