Music Monday’s: X


Key Item: Zanerobe jean joggers

Key Materials: Heathered lightweight soft cotton

Shoe Situation: All white Nike’s

Key Accessory: MCM backpack


Chris Brown’s album, X was released last year and further showed off his musical skill into the dance world, starting with the heavy track “X”. This song builds into something crazyyyyyy good. Brown sings low, “If you’re only as good as the company you keep, then imma blame you for what they say about me.” Quiet and calm verses tell a story of a broken relationship and the release comes during the chorus as Brown yells, “I swear to God I’m moving on, I ain’t go back no more.” With a hard hip-hop beat underlined with some dance/electro sounds-Brown has himself another banger. The beauty of the verses serve as the perfect contrast to the emotional and angry chorus. “X” is what music with meaning sounds like.