It feels like this should’ve happened a long time ago. One band got me through
some awkward middle school dances, the other band has helped me enter adulthood.

Their fans could be a 12 year old girl or a 50 year old man. It feels as though
this tour was meant to be. True musicians on one stage sharing a glorious
spotlight is musical heaven.

Of course, I’m talking about Monumentour a co-headlining tour with Fall Out Boy
& Paramore for the summer. Everything about this show was pure rock. From the 3
confetti cannons during Paramore’s performance to the shooting flames in Fall
Out Boy’s set.

One thing is for sure, Paramore is a ROCK band and Fall Out Boy are not  boys
anymore (Pete Wentz is a total babe, seriously… Wow)

I’ll try to relax and start from the beginning and try not to ramble like I did
when I was telling my mother about it.

The opening band was New Politics which I had only heard a little bit about
prior to the show. I must say, they really killed it. They were the perfect band
to open. With a surprising mix of pop, rock, and alternative, the crowd was
singing along to familiar songs and loving the high energy all three band
members emitted into the anxious crowd. Lead singer, David Boyd has an insane
talent for dancing and seriously breaks it down to a kick ass drum breat.
Congrats New Politics, you gained a new fan.

Paramore hit the stage next with not too long of a wait, I was surprised. This was my 5th time seeing them and I can’t help but get extremely anxious and excited while awaiting their arrival.

Complete with what looked like a short light bar behind the three superstars
(Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor) and of course their three bars made out of light
bulbs proudly hanging behind the entire band.

With a total of two or three explosions of confetti and a launch of some
Paramore beach balls, this concert turned into a party. People of all ages
singing along to every song. The show stopper was of course “Let the Flames
Begin” and then the more recent sequel to it titled “Part ||” this high energy
powerful performance has and will be forever etched into my mind as the best
song I have ever seen performed live, by anyone. The whaling guitars and
unbelievable vocals by Williams literally leave the crowd breathless until they
regain momentum and cheer the band on as they seamlessly start “Part ||”.

Hayley always acknowledges the crowd, after almost every song, which is
something I really admire, because you want to feel connected to the band you’re
seeing. You want to feel like for that night, you guys are friends, enjoying
some music and loving life together. That’s how Paramore makes you feel. Every
single time. Hayley also acknowledges all the band members on stage and let’s
the crowd cheer them on. Not a lot of bands do this and it’s really important
that they do. These band members put in just as much work as everyone else and
deserve every ounce of stardom the other band members receive.

“Ain’t It Fun” proved to be the new flawless closer and got the crowd riled up
and ready for more rock & roll. Jeremy’s bass playing was spot on, that man can
slay. I couldn’t have been happier with their performance, it was everything I
thought it would be and more.

Playing songs like “Born For This” from their Riot days and the heart wrenching
“Last Hope” from their most recent album (I cry during it, every time). They
gave the crowd everything they wanted. Hayley gave a short speech before
performing “Last Hope” where she tells fans that if there’s one song she would
want any new or old fan of Paramore to listen to, it would be this song.

I can’t say one bad thing about Paramore, never have, never will. They are the reason I am the person I am today. Their on stage presence is a serious skill which not even the hardest rockers can achieve. I will continue seeing them live anytime I can until I am crumpled up in a wheelchair in the handicapped section. Someday I will get to meet them (hopefully) and tell them in person how much they mean to me.

After another slightly short wait Fall Out Boy’s curtain was set up equipped
with several televisions showing an intricate video of life along with some
positive advice. A couple gunshots (which were basically like fireworks and
scared the #%€< out of everyone) went off and the smoke cleared: Fall Out Boy
has arrived and immediately played “The Phoenix” from their newest album “Save
Rock & Roll”

Lead singer, Patrick Stump has proved his voice is meant to be sung to crowds
and crowds of people. He makes it look as effortless as tying your shoes. Every
song was high energy and fantastic to watch. The stage had three levels, massive
televisions, smoke, fire (which I could feel the heat from in my seat). One of
the best moments of the set was when drummer, Andrew Hurley and Patrick Stump
went head to head at a drum off to a mash up of a couple Jay-Z hits. It was
absolutely incredible and went on for what felt like the best 2 minutes of my
life. The crowd went absolutely insane.

Everyone sang out to old hits like “Dance, Dance” and “A Little Less Sixteen
Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me'” New songs like “Miss Missing You” and “Save
Rock & Roll” showed the crowd this band is back and better than ever with
crossover hits and grown up lyrics.

Pete Wentz seemed to be the narrator throughout the show, saying little cliche
snippets before every song…”follow your dreams…”, “You guys f****** rock!”
Yadda yadda.

Overall, it was an incredible show. A legendary tour indeed. I highly suggest you see these bands. If you can catch them on this tour do it- you will NOT regret it.

Here are a couple pictures from the show!


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